National Insight, Local Impact.

TNTP partners with more than 6,000 school systems across 39 states, and we bring our national perspective and expertise to the local level to co-create sustainable solutions with deep community roots. No two projects are the same.

Our regional consulting model allows us to build lasting partnerships with system leaders, educators, and communities. Most of our staff live in the communities and regions they serve. In every region, our goal is the same: to partner with school systems and communities to ensure that all students can reach their full potential and live lives of agency and choice.

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National Insight, Local Impact.

Across the country, the need to improve students’ PK–12 experience is real and urgent—especially for students living in poverty, those with learning and thinking differences, and those who speak multiple languages.

An effective PK–12 education for every student holds the promise of solving our nation’s most pressing economic challenges. When students graduate from high school prepared for well-paid jobs, a technical college, or a two- or four-year college, everyone benefits. A poor education, in contrast, can dampen a child’s potential and hinder national competitiveness. 

Nationally, we uncover and understand big challenges in PK–12 education, then collaborate with school systems and communities on bold actions. Our work spans school systems large and small, from urban city centers to dispersed rural communities. In Moffat County, Colo., 2,000 students now work on grade-level math content more frequently. In Baltimore, Md., greater diversity in the workforce benefits 380,000 students. As we embrace a holistic approach, we bring more families, educators, and community partners into the conversation around school improvement.  

Since 2020, TNTP has reached an estimated 9,500 school systems and 30.5 million students nationwide. 

Featured Case Study

Members at the Village Leaders 2023 Conference

The Village for Leaders in Education

The Village for Leaders in Education supports the retention and efficacy of education leaders while improving their students’ experiences.

TNTP consultants truly understand that true change is rooted in equity, in an examination of systems and structures, and the unwavering belief in all students.

Allison Pickens

ELA/Literacy Content Specialist, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

In the Northeast region, TNTP has reached an estimated 4.8 million students since 2020.

TNTP has been a trusted partner for collaboration and innovation in this region for more than 20 years.

Regional highlights:

  • Since 2002, we have worked with Baltimore City Public Schools to recruit, train, and certify more than 2,500 teachers.
  • Our Black Educator Excellence Cohort offers teachers financial assistance and support in their first years in the classroom, addressing barriers Black educators often face when entering the profession.
  • Across the region, our teams have worked with educators to improve reading and writing skills through consistent use of evidence-based literacy instruction.

The Northeast region includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, D.C.

Featured Case Study

Prioritizing Teacher Diversity in Baltimore

TNTP and the Baltimore City Teaching Residency (BCTR) responded to the need for more diverse educators to serve Baltimore City Public Schools students.

TNTP hires great people who are very committed and talented. I appreciate how the team pays attention to the context of the work—not just the deliverable—and consistently seeks feedback plus engages multiple perspectives in the work.

Amy Way

Executive Director, New York City Department of Education

In the Southeast region, TNTP has reached an estimated 6.9 million students since 2020.

Regional highlights:

  • In Tennessee, we partnered with the state department of education to launch Reading 360, an initiative that uses the science of reading to strengthen the reading skills of PK–12 students, drawing on the best research about how children learn to read. This exciting wraparound approach includes systematic foundational literacy, educator and leader preparation, instructional materials, training, coaching, and online and family resources.
  • We accelerated learning in 15 schools in the Southeast through a three-day professional learning summit, a diagnostic process that established student-centered goals, and math- and literacy-focused teacher coaching. Independent evaluations by Mathematica found that students showed significant positive gains in both literacy and math.
  • In June 2023, TNTP was selected by Impact Florida to partner in launching a cadre of five districts committed to increasing student outcomes in Algebra I. The districts are strengthening mathematics instruction in grades K–9, with an emphasis on ensuring the conditions for all students to succeed in math. Impact Florida and TNTP lead cross-district collaboration during in-person convenings and individualized support.

The Southeast region includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Featured Video Case Study

TNTP's work in Pasco County, FL

TNTP does an amazing job hiring and staffing projects with the right people. TNTP teams that serve our Tennessee districts build strong relationships on the ground, provide deep expertise and strategy that is focused on moving the needle for students.

Sharon Roberts

COO, Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education

In the Midwest region, TNTP has reached an estimated 7.3 million students since 2020.

Regional highlights:

  • TNTP has partnered with state education agencies (SEAs) in Nebraska, Kentucky, and Indiana to shape state-level visions, theories of action, and comprehensive multiyear strategies designed to improve teaching and learning, support school improvement, and drive systemic change.
  • We support districts in implementing high-quality instructional materials in ELA and math. Our work in Evansville and Indianapolis, Ind.; Peoria, Ill.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; and rural districts across Nebraska and Missouri support leaders in investing their teachers in curricula, deploying them for strong instruction, and increasing opportunities for student ownership.
  • Our Opportunity Accelerators in Milwaukee, Wis., and Kansas City focus on developing school leaders’ ability to identify and dismantle inequitable systems, while building new systems that result in greater student achievement.
  • Two of TNTP’s six Teaching Fellows programs, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows and Teach Minnesota, are in the Midwest. Each year, more than half of these programs’ recruits identify as BIPOC, increasing the likelihood that students of color in each state will have teachers of color during their PK–12 education. All students benefit from a diverse teacher workforce, demonstrating greater engagement, higher achievement, and cross-cultural interactions that can break down harmful stereotypes.

The Midwest region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Featured Case Study

Strengthening Math Instruction in Peoria

TNTP and Peoria Public Schools partner to assess, envision, and improve math instruction districtwide.

TNTP was extremely responsive to our needs throughout the year. . . . They are experienced leaders who also understand the needs of schools and the specific challenges of the year. They made us feel like partners in the work, and approached everything with humility and grace.

John McBride

Head of Schools, Ohio Breakthrough Public Schools

In the Southwest region, TNTP has reached an estimated 7.8 million students since 2020.

Regional highlights:

  • State-level partnerships in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma focus on learning acceleration and implementation of high-quality instructional materials.
  • Innovative teacher preparation programs across the region continue to broaden and diversify teacher pipelines.
  • And Good to Great, one of our long-standing teacher development programs in Louisiana, has led to improved student performance after just two weeks of teacher professional development—benefits that persist into the school year.

The Southwest region includes Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Featured Case Study

Creating Equity Through Fair Pay

Collegiate Academies in New Orleans partners with TNTP to formalize salary guidelines and ensure fair access to promotion opportunities and higher pay.

[TNTP] ask[s] open-ended questions to help us critically think about concepts and/or issues that are relevant to our growth and development. They have been nonjudgmental and in a very short time have developed a platform in which our staff feel comfortable and look forward to our dialogues.

Monica Valadez

San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District

In the West region, TNTP has reached an estimated 6.1 million students since 2020.

Regional highlights:

  • In Colorado, we brought Spanish-speaking students and families together to assess and address the needs of multilingual learners.
  • Across three California school systems, we trained 70 teachers to use language supports so that children learning English could tackle rigorous mathematics.
  • And in rural Nevada, we work alongside district-level partners on strategic planning, leadership support, and implementation of high-quality instructional materials.

The West region includes Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Featured Case Study

Forging Educator Connections Across Elko County

TNTP designs professional learning communities and ELA development opportunities that span large distances in a rural-suburban Nevada district.

The TNTP team has been flexible as they shift from large virtual groups, to small virtual breakouts, to smaller in-person planning teams, to large group presentations. Their constant availability (and positivity) has been of immense support to our educational services team.

Jennifer Sachs

Chief of Educational Services, Mt. Diablo Unified School District

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