Transforming Education So Every Young Person Thrives

TNTP is an education nonprofit that brings research, policy, and consulting together to reimagine America’s public education system.

What We Do
Transforming Education So Every Young Person Thrives
Alicia Jones shares a warm hug with her first-grade students.
A student in a classroom with their hand raised.

Third-grade students excited to learn science at J.M. Ullom Elementary in Las Vegas. The school is a teaching site for members of the Nevada Teacher Corps.

We envision a PK12 experience for every young person that upends the predictive influence of poverty and race on their life outcomes and fuels innovation and growth across our country.

As a leading education nonprofit since 1997, we have combined insight, courage, and action to conceive scalable solutions that address complex challenges from the classroom to the systems level. Today, we work side by side with educators, system leaders, and communities across 39 states and more than 6,000 districts nationwide to reach ambitious goals for student success.

Our vision pushes beyond school walls, catalyzing cross-sector collaboration to create pathways for young people to achieve academic, economic and social mobility.


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What We Do

We work with schools, districts, and county and state education agencies—as well as students, families, and communities—to ensure every young person is on a path to academic, social, and economic mobility.

Impact Consulting

We help schools and school systems improve students’ experiences, in and out of the classroom through our education consulting services.
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Research, Policy, and Advocacy

We conduct and publish original research and advocate for policy solutions that can lead to systemwide changes to benefit young people.
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Leadership Development and Talent Services

We partner with schools and systems to advance the teaching profession and ensure every young person has diverse, effective educators who set them up for a lifetime of agency and success.
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Community Engagement and Coalition Building

We partner with schools, districts, and communities to deliver the lifelong outcomes America’s youth deserve.
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Our Impact

Since 2020 alone, we have improved academic experiences for millions of students—primarily young people of color and students experiencing poverty. 

After partnering with TNTP, teachers and leaders report feeling better equipped to improve instructional practices and increase student engagement. Students receive stronger teaching, challenging assignments, and high-quality instructional materials. And the adults around them are more likely to hold them to high standards—a key predictor of academic success. 

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more students received stronger instruction


more students engaged with grade-appropriate assignments


more students had teachers and leaders who held them to high academic standards 

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