Leadership Development and Talent Services

Every student deserves diverse and effective teachers and school leaders with high expectations who are ready to provide them with strong academic foundations and experiences. TNTP’s leadership development and talent services help make this possible by maximizing the strengths of all the adults who support students. 

We help systems create student-centered and sustainable workforce management strategies to bring more flexibility and joy to the role of teaching. We provide learning experiences for leaders at all levels that meet individualized needs and are responsive to school contexts.  

By nurturing and placing thousands of high-quality educators and leaders nationwide we’ve helped to elevate the teaching profession and transform students’ trajectories. Plus, our services effectively develop teachers and school leaders at a fraction of the cost of traditional education schools.  

Leadership Development and Talent Services
Teaching Fellows Resident Lateef Walker concentrates on work at Academy for College and Career Exploration.

Teacher Recruitment and Development

Alternative Teacher Pathways

TNTP helps districts create or improve their in-district, alternative teacher certification process. With our guidance and support, districts develop programs to train teachers who meet their specific needs. 

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TNTP Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows streamlines the path to teacher certification for graduating college seniors and career changers through summer classes, on-the-job training, and personalized coaching. 

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Good to Great

This learning experience helps experienced teachers combine high expectations with strong instruction to make grade-level content accessible to all their students. 

Introduction to Good to Great

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Leadership Development

Comprehensive Leadership Development Strategy

We partner with school districts to design and execute strategies—from pipeline to career pathways and development—along the leadership spectrum. We center equity in our leadership development approach, from developing leaders who disrupt systems of inequity to helping systems support and retain leaders of color for the long term

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Elevating Leaders of Color

We lead a number of programs designed to close the diversity gap for educators and offer transformative leadership opportunities for administrators of color to grow, sustain, and expand their impact.  

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TNTP’s Pathway to Leadership in Urban Schools (PLUS) prepares dynamic principals who can lead vibrant schools where teachers and students thrive.

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Asynchronous Learning Support

Learning Portal

As part of a larger leadership and talent development strategy, we offer online learning experiences designed to support the development of teachers, leaders, and other adults in PK-12 settings. Learning Portal content can be integrated into your existing online learning tools. Our Learning Portal team supports district partners to optimize this work at every level, from aligning it with your long-term vision and strategy to confidently managing the course on a day-to-day basis.

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They are great at teaching adult learners. They keep the learning focused, relevant, and fast-paced. They are also excellent at making us think!

Kristy Shockley

Supervisory of Federal Programs, Bledsoe County School District

I have loved my partnership with TNTP. My coaches have partnered with me throughout this year to develop my leadership practices, think through how I use data to inform my team's priorities, and design the professional development for my team.

Zoe Duskin

Director of Academics, ACE Charter Schools

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