Impact Consulting

Impact consulting is a layered approach that integrates academic excellence, teacher recruitment and support, and community participation to awaken the full potential of every student.


We work with school partners to study and understand what is—so we can imagine and plan for what could be. Our involvement doesn’t end there; we support our partners throughout implementation, analysis, and optimization.

Impact Consulting
Carmello and Brooklynn read together at J.M. Ullom Elementary.

Academic Consulting

TNTP partners with system leaders, educators, families, and community stakeholders to ensure that every student has access to a high-quality education that will set them on a pathway to prosperity.

Most TNTPers come from the education system. Our consulting teams primarily consist of former teachers and school leaders who bring their experience and knowledge to their own communities and beyond.

We measure proficiency using academic diagnostics such as test results, models of high-quality work, and student understanding of learning targets. We advise school leaders on materials selection and help them introduce the right materials for them in their classrooms. We provide systemwide teacher coaching and tailored professional development.

How We Help

Vision Setting and Strategy Development
We help school leaders create and share their vision and pursue academic strategies grounded in learning acceleration.

Academic Diagnostics and Opportunity Scorecards
We visit classrooms, review student work, and survey students and staff to assess gaps in student access to strong, engaging, relevant instruction.

Instructional Materials Selection and Implementation
We help schools adopt and implement high-quality instructional materials that fit the needs of their student population.

Professional Learning and Coaching
We work with school leaders to design professional learning experiences that lead to more effective instruction.

Early Childhood Education
We help pre-K providers build and develop the teams they need to create high-quality learning experiences for their youngest students.

Multilingual Learner Support
We collaborate with educators to improve the school experience of multilingual learners, focusing on strong, engaging, age-appropriate, and culturally relevant instruction delivered by well-trained teachers who recognize their students’ potential.

Career Technical Education (CTE) and Career-Connected Learning Pathways
We work alongside school system leaders to strengthen and expand access to CTE and career learning pathways with a focus on equity and inclusion.

Instructional Culture Insight Surveys
We collect feedback from students, families, teachers, and other stakeholders to assess and improve school culture and ensure adequate support for student needs.Explore Instructional Culture Insight Surveys

Learning Portal
We design and deliver cost-effective, asynchronous learning experiences for educators on subjects like math instruction and the science of reading to support long-term strategic goals. Explore Learning Portal

Talent Consulting

TNTP works with school systems nationwide to find, develop, and retain great people for their schools. It takes diverse, skilled educators to bring even the best academic programming to life.

Our work targets bias and inequity in hiring practices, taps into community talent, and equips system leaders with essential talent management skills. We have identified low- or no-cost strategies that can help schools retain more of their most effective teachers.

Effective professional development leads to stronger instruction, and we offer expertise on a wide range of topics.

How We Help

Talent Diagnostics
We identify opportunities to improve and revise recruitment, selection, staffing, and retention efforts.

Educator Recruitment, Selection, and Staffing
We offer guidance on job postings, interviews, pay, and benefits.

Compensation and Career Pathways
We offer guidance on compensation packages that lead to sustainable careers for educators.

Teacher and Leader Pipeline Programs
Our extensive experience in this area includes grow-your-own program development, paraprofessional pathways, dual college enrollment programs, and other innovative ways to successfully staff schools.

Instructional Culture Insight Surveys
We collect feedback from teachers, school staff, and other stakeholders to assess and improve school culture and increase teacher retention.Explore Instructional Culture Insight Surveys

Learning Portal
We design and deliver cost-effective, asynchronous learning experiences for educators and school leaders, including certification coursework and professional development, to support long-term strategic goals.Explore Learning Portal

Community Engagement

TNTP works with partners to shape a common vision for PK–12  student success. Everyone—including teachers, families, caregivers, and community leaders—has a role in that vision.

Good policies and strong support from the community boosts school enrollment, combats absenteeism, and leads to improved academic outcomes for students. Schools must listen to community members and integrate their best ideas.

We foster lasting partnerships among groups committed to students’ social and economic mobility.

How We Help

Teacher and Leader Training
We train school staff, leaders, and teachers to build positive partnerships with families, caregivers, and communities.

Strategic Planning Services
We bring 25 years of expertise in leading large-scale change around academic and talent strategy and community engagement.

Parent and Community Educator Academies
We provide parents and community educators with the skills to support students in classroom learning and to advocate for students’ needs, both academic and emotional.

Community Engagement Compass
We use this diagnostic tool to evaluate a school system’s community engagement efforts across eight domains.

Learning Portal
We design and deliver cost-effective, asynchronous learning experiences for adults in PK–12 spaces to support community and family education initiatives.Explore Learning Portal

TNTP helped us see what classrooms were lacking; they tracked and collected data, which benefited my staff tremendously. TNTP identified areas of concentration and ways my teachers could enhance engagement for all students.

Jasmine Morales

Principal PMA, Perspectives Charter Schools

TNTP built the capacity of our district leadership team to support administrators and teachers in their implementation of HQIM for ELA. Rather than TNTP providing training to school leaders, they empowered and equipped the district team to lead the work!

April Sakowicz

PreK-5 Instructional Supervisor, Giles County Schools

The learning is actionable! Love that they walk through whatever the situation is, side by side, hand in hand.

Sandra Paschall

Paris Special School District

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