Learning Portal

TNTP’s Learning Portal team designs and delivers online asynchronous learning and development supports for teachers, school administrators, community members, and other adults in PK–12 spaces.

The courses cover a range of topics, such as the science of reading, new teacher certification, leadership development, and community engagement. Learning Portal courses are adaptable, time saving, and cost-effective, helping our district and state-level partners quickly get to meaningful learning at scale.

Learning Portal
Sami Seidel concentrates during a professional development session at Academy for College and Career Exploration.

How It Works

Learners can engage at the time and place that works best for them, whether they’re catching up on a course, learning a skill relevant to their current practice, or revisiting prior learning to deepen internalization. Learning Portal provides consistent framing and supports to all learners in an accessible delivery model aligned with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Learners have the greatest success when Learning Portal products are used in concert with other TNTP services. Improved access to foundational learning can free up in-person time for deeper strategic planning, practice and feedback, and collaborative work.

Our courses, which draw from TNTP’s academic and field research, are continually evaluated and updated to improve outcomes and help expand opportunities for all learners.

Learning Portal in Action

In Tennessee, more than 25,000 educators have completed our self-guided Early Reading Training course. Over 95 percent of those who took the course then passed the required state technical exam, and more than 97 percent of learners agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements:

  • “The Early Reading Training has prepared me to better support my students in developing phonics-based reading skills.”
  • “I feel equipped to implement the skills I learned in the Early Reading Training in my classroom.”


educators in Tennessee have completed our self-guided Early Reading Training course


of those who took the course then passed the required state technical exam

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