Two TNTP Leaders to Step Down, Spurring Organizational Transition

| Education Week | Stephen Sawchuck

Two top leaders of the TNTP, an alternative teacher-certification and advocacy group, have announced plans to step down, paving the way for the first major leadership transition since Michelle Rhee left in 2007.

TNTP President Tim Daly and CEO Ariela Rozman will leave this summer. Taking their places, respectively, will be Karolyn Belcher and Daniel Weisberg. For now, the main thrust of the group's work will be the same: boosting teacher effectiveness and helping teachers meet the higher demands placed on their profession.

Weisberg is a former New York City education department labor policy chief, and Belcher has held a number of roles at TNTP, most recently as executive vice president for new teacher effectiveness, during which she helped oversee a change in TNTP's training model.

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Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, stands in front of her students while introducing them to the captivating world of science

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, introduces her students to the captivating world of science.

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