10 Companies That Believe in the Power of Education

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If your love of learning is your most defining quality, today’s your day! We’ve rounded up these 10 companies that believe in power of education to teach others and make the world a better place. See why we’re huge fans of their missions, what makes them so passionate about spreading knowledge, and—most importantly—how you can be part of them.

TNTP is working to make education inequality a thing of the past. 

1. Discovery

Where: Silver Spring, MD

Discovery lets you do exactly what its name sounds like—discover the endless wonders of the world. Not only does it produce some of the best educational media through the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, and more, it also has a suite of educational tools to deliver high-quality content. If you love to explore, innovate, and feed your curiosity, Discovery just might be the place for you.

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2. Homer

Where: New York

Homer puts kids first—its one-of-a-kind app teaches children 3-6 how to read through stories, virtual science field trips, and fun recording tools. Both fun and educational, Homer is turning pages in the world of education by transforming early literacy.

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3. Lore

Where: New York

Lore is bringing learning online—and not in the traditional way. With integrated video, chats, shared content, and blogs, Lore makes learning social and accessible on all levels. The best possible product can't be built without the best possible team, and you'll find a dynamic team culture in its headquarters in New York.

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4. NPR

Where: Washington, DC

NPR is so much more than just public radio. Its broadcasting connects its listeners to all things going on in news, music, culture, politics, and everything under the sun. NPR's office is based in Washington, DC, but its broadcast reaches all across the country.

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5. Teach for America

Where: New York and 46 Regional Offices

Teach for America is making an impact all across the country, and the organization brings together the best to deliver high-quality education where it's needed most. Corps members and the TFA team have made a movement out of the power of teaching.

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6. TED

Where: New York

Since day one, TED hasn't stopped sharing great ideas and content. By bringing innovators into the TED community, the TED team helps bridge the gap between human curiosity and insightful answers to enable learning in the most natural way possible—stories.

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7. World Wildlife Fund

Where: Washington, DC

World Wildlife Fund is the premier international organization with a mission to build a better future between humans and the planet. The group works to educate the public on all issues, from research and conservation to biodiversity and environmental restoration.

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8. ZestFinance

Where: Los Angeles

ZestFinance is making it easier for everyone to get access to financial systems. The company is breaking down traditional barriers by educating people to make better decisions on important financial decisions.

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9. CommonBond

Where: New York

CommonBond is making higher education possible for millions of people by lowering the cost of student loans. As a lending platform, CommonBond is dedicated to providing the best educational experience possible for students (without the financial burden).

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10. TNTP

Where: New York and Flexible

TNTP is working to make education inequality a thing of the past. The organization helps schools recruit, train, and retain the best teachers to make sure students get the most out of classroom time.

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Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, stands in front of her students while introducing them to the captivating world of science

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, introduces her students to the captivating world of science.

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