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Teachers often cite a heavy workload as the main reason they plan to leave their school. In this Insight survey domain, teachers report the amount of time they spend on classroom work and share their perspective on their school’s ability to help teachers maintain a sustainable workload.


Based on our extensive experience, TNTP recommends the following as evidence-based practices for this domain:

  • Ask teachers which factors are most impacting their workload, and create small groups to inform solutions for each factor (e.g., planning, hours of school).
  • Consider sharing lesson plans or creating a lead lesson planner to own lesson creation for other teachers.
  • Set parameters as a school for communication and deadlines so that everything falls within the workweek (e.g., no Saturday emails).
  • Consider the school’s communication systems and whether staff can find everything they need in one place.


Resource Description
Five Ways Schools Can Help Teachers Prioritize and Supporting Teacher Prioritization Two posts from The Together Group with concrete suggestions on helping your teachers prioritize their workload
Draft Staff Who-To-Go-To-For-What Document An example document for clearly communicating the main contact if staff have questions or concerns about a particular area

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