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Evaluation systems should set clear expectations for teachers and generate useful feedback on their performance. In this Insight survey domain, teachers report how clearly performance expectations have been communicated, how much they agree with those expectations, and how accurately evaluations represent teacher performance in their school.


Based on our extensive experience, TNTP recommends the following as evidence-based practices for this domain:

  • Design evaluation systems that use multiple pieces of evidence to produce a full, precise picture of teacher effectiveness.
  • Clearly communicate the vision for teacher evaluation at your school.
  • Support and norm evaluators to determine accurate ratings of teacher effectiveness.
  • Review evaluation data regularly to ensure evaluators and normed and ratings are free from bias (i.e., certain groups of teachers — by race, age, subject area, etc. — are not inaccurately over-represented in any performance categories).
  • Share and discuss evaluation data and their rationale with teachers. Use evaluation data to inform individual teachers’ development plans and school-wide staff development decisions.
  • Also use evaluation data to inform teacher retention and dismissal.
  • Continue to adapt and improve your evaluation system and gather feedback from stakeholders like teachers and school leaders.


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