Core Observation Guide

The Core Observation Guide is a collection of resources to help you use the TNTP Core Rubric effectively and consistently.

The TNTP Core Rubric is a simplified evaluation tool for delivering clearer, more useful feedback to teachers. By shifting emphasis from teacher practice to student outcomes, it brings the same clarity and focus to classroom observations that the Common Core does to academic standards.

However, this new approach only works when the people assessing teacher performance—observers, coaches, and other instructional staff—are prepared to use the rubric consistently. The Core Observation Guide is a collection of resources to help observers to do just that.

Download the Core Teaching Rubric
Core Observation Guide
Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, introduces her students to the captivating world of science.

How To Use the Core Observation Guide

Use this guide to focus on particular performance areas or observation skills, or progress through the guide chronologically and review a selection of the videos in the video library to get a full understanding of the rubric and how to use it in classroom observations.

Understanding the Rubric

The first step to effectively using the Core Rubric is understanding what to look for. Explore below to learn how to distinguish between performance levels, to understand the four performance areas—Culture of Learning, Essential Content, Academic Ownership, and Demonstration of Learning—and to watch real classroom videos that show what proficient teaching in each performance area looks like in practice.

Using the Rubric

Once you understand the rubric, learn how to collect evidence from a classroom observation and then use it to assign ratings.

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