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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Reflecting on TNTP’s 20th Anniversary

As we close out our 20th year, we wanted to share a few reflections from some of the TNTP staff members who bring the passion, heart and smarts to our mission.

Greatest Hits of the TNTP Blog

To introduce you to our new blog design, we’ve highlighted nine of our most popular pieces. Let us know—what are you most interested in reading?

Editorial Staff

Making Work Work For You

Our virtual work environment means staff have the flexibility to choose where they work and how to structure their day. But what does that look like in practice?

Behind the Scenes of a TNTP Report

Great design is critical to telling a story well—which is why we've teamed up with Cricket Design Works to design our reports since 2008. Recently, we sat with them to learn more about their process.

Liz Vidyarthi

A New TNTP, with a Website to Match

We embrace change at TNTP. That’s why we needed a new website that would better capture the new ways we’re working and the challenges we’re grappling with.

Liz Vidyarthi

Put Your People In the Game

Setting the bar high for employees, and making standards very clear, pushes them to grow.

Ariela Rozman

Growing Up With TNTP

During his 14 year tenure, former TNTP President Tim Daly watched the organization mature from infancy into adulthood.

Tim Daly

Meet the President

Karolyn Belcher, TNTP’s current EVP of New Teacher Effectiveness, will replace Tim Daly as president of TNTP by summer 2015. Here, Karolyn talks about her lengthy experience in the classroom, why life at TNTP is never boring, and what she looks forward to as TNTP’s next president.

Editorial Staff

Leading TNTP Into the Next Era

Yesterday, we announced Ariela Rozman and Timothy Daly will transition out of their roles at TNTP by summer 2015. Two senior executives, Daniel Weisberg and Karolyn Belcher, will lead TNTP going forward. Here, Dan talks about his journey from law into education, what inspires him to come to work every day, and why TNTP's future excites him.

TNTP’s Leaders Pass the Baton

TNTP is embarking on a new strategy to grow its expertise and deepen its impact on public schools and students. As part of this strategy, CEO Ariela Rozman and President Tim Daly will transition out of their roles, passing the baton to senior TNTP leaders Dan Weisberg and Karolyn Belcher. Today, Tim and Ari reflect on 14 years at TNTP—and what lies ahead.

TNTP’s Irreplaceables: Meet Layla Avila

Layla Avila took a chance on TNTP fifteen years ago, when she'd been teaching in Compton, CA and the organization was barely a start-up. Since then, she's led teacher pipeline programs from coast to coast and has helped TNTP grow, all while staying focused on the mission that inspired her from day one: a great teacher for every child.

Tim Daly

Embracing Our Own Big Data

We encourage the schools and districts we work with to do the hard work of using data to assess their progress towards goals, and we hold ourselves to the same standard. That's why we're embracing our inner data nerds and constantly collecting and using data of all kinds to inform our work and help us grow.

Cassandra Coddington, Rachel Langlais

Who’s in Charge Here?

TNTP's CEO explains how she and our president support each other while focusing on separate roles based on their strengths. Co-leadership has its challenges, but it can work well under the right circumstances.

Ariela Rozman

Greetings from the Shoe Leather Department

Ten years ago, TNTP published a report that changed our organization in a permanent way. We just wanted to disprove what we saw as widely believed myths with rich data; instead, Missed Opportunities caused us to make policy research a core component of our work.

Tim Daly

Knocking Heads on Class Size

Education policy debates are often polarized and oversimplified. Take class size: while unmanageable sizes need to be dealt with, lowering sizes across the board can do as much harm as good. Personal points of view can add even more nuance, leading us to politely knock heads.

Victoria Van Cleef, Dan Weisberg

Go Ahead, Work in Your Pajamas

We're virtual: one out of three TNTPers works at a district or school, and almost everyone else works from a home office. Being virtual helps us better understand our clients and keep talented staff over the long haul, and we've learned how to make it work well.

Ariela Rozman