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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Academics and Advocates: Teachers on the Power of Bringing Rigor and Relevance Together

We're celebrating the back-to-school season by launching a new collection of essays by the winners of the Fishman Prize, our annual award honoring exemplary teachers.

Danielle Pierce

Four Qualities of Great Teachers

For the past five years, we’ve celebrated amazing teachers through the Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the sixth class of Fishman Prize winners.

Richard Green

Introducing Amazing: Meet the 2017 Fishman Prize Finalists

We're proud to announce the 2017 Fishman Prize finalists! Help us celebrate these outstanding teachers.

Tiffany Cardona

Why Media Literacy Education Matters in the Era of Fake News

A media literacy teacher shares advice on how to stay informed in the era of “fake news," and argues that media literacy must be valued and taught right alongside the traditional reading, writing, and listening standards.

Emily Bonilla

Pushing Students from Learning to Leading

By empowering students to lead their own parent conferences, a Fishman Prize winner builds conceptual understanding and stronger relationships within her school community.

Erica Stewart

Why My Teacher Deserves the Fishman Prize

Do you know a teacher who builds strong relationships with students and pushes them to reach their potential? Nominate them for the Fishman Prize today.

Using Student Voice to Transform the Classroom

2016 Fishman Prize winner Evelyn Rebollar strikes a unique balance of community and rigor in her Bronx classroom, helping students succeed and grow emotionally.

Evelyn Rebollar

Formation: Cultural Relevance in a Contemporary Classroom

A Fishman Prize winner forges powerful relationships with students in his A.P. Literature class by studying contemporary artists whose words, thoughts, and experiences mirror their own.

Matthew Patterson

The Making of a Classroom Community

By ceding control of her classroom and giving students a voice, a Fishman Prize winning teacher built a community that pushes each other to achieve in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Heather Howle

Join a Conversation with the Fishman Winners

How can students, teachers, and communities collaborate to help all kids meet their aspirations? The 2016 Fishman Prize winners reflect in essays and invite you to share your thoughts.

Dan Weisberg

How to Be More Than “Just a Teacher”

In addition to great instruction, students need support, love, and encouragement. Learning how to give them this isn’t always found in resources, books, or teacher development workshops.

Eric Hale

How I am Learning to Practice What I Preach

It's hard for experienced teachers to challenge themselves to learn more and continue improving their instruction, but doing so benefits both students and teachers.

David Gesualdi

And the Fishman Prize Goes To…

We could go on at length about why we’re inspired by the winners of the 2016 Fishman Prize, but instead, we’ll leave that to the people who know them best: their school leaders, the parents in their classrooms, and the students they teach.

The Teachers (And Student) Who Inspire Our Fishman Finalists to Teach

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked our 10 Fishman Prize finalists to reflect on special teachers in their lives who pushed them to become game-changing educators.

Who Are the Fishman Prize Finalists?

After reviewing nearly 800 applications from almost every state across the country, meet the 10 extraordinary teachers we've chosen as Fishman Prize finalists.

Tiffany Cardona

What I’ve Learned From Starting Over

This school year, a Fishman Prize winner made the jump to teaching high school after four years in middle school. We asked him about the change, and how he’s navigating it.

Zeke Phillips

Places They’ve Been and People They’ve Met: Fishman Edition

The Fishman Prize summer residency is an opportunity for winners to learn from each other and engage with leaders in education. Here are highlights from the past four years.

Tiffany Cardona

Going to Cape Verde to Get to Know My Students

A Fishman Prize winner engaged a growing population of Cape Verdean students by using experiences they had in their home country to support their understanding of science.

Erin Dukeshire