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Put Your People In the Game

Setting the bar high for employees, and making standards very clear, pushes them to grow.

Ariela Rozman

Success Academy Works For My Kid

TNTP CEO Ari Rozman is a Success Academy parent. Every parent should have the right to make choices about their child’s schooling, and every parent should have good options from which to choose—not just parents who can afford to do so, and not just those who win a charter school lottery.

Ariela Rozman

Weingarten Should Play By Her Own Rules

AFT president Randi Weingarten emphasizes “collaboration” between teachers’ unions and superintendents, while her organization bankrolls attack ads against a candidate in a close race for California state superintendent. It’s not the first time the AFT has failed to play by the rules they hold others to.

Ariela Rozman

Who’s in Charge Here?

TNTP's CEO explains how she and our president support each other while focusing on separate roles based on their strengths. Co-leadership has its challenges, but it can work well under the right circumstances.

Ariela Rozman

Fixing the Right Retention Crisis

Recent discussions of a turnover crisis in New York City have focused on the number of teachers leaving. But we need to know if excellent teachers are walking out the door or if low-performing ones are staying if we’re going to fix the real issue.

Ariela Rozman

Building the School Leadership Ladder

A new report finds that districts lack strategies to develop the next generation of school leaders, including by failing to leverage the teacher-leader roles that could help build a sorely needed cadre of principals. Our work in Philadelphia provides one possible way forward.

Ariela Rozman

Go Ahead, Work in Your Pajamas

We're virtual: one out of three TNTPers works at a district or school, and almost everyone else works from a home office. Being virtual helps us better understand our clients and keep talented staff over the long haul, and we've learned how to make it work well.

Ariela Rozman

Welcome to the TNTP Blog!

TNTP is starting a blog. After years of resisting the urge, we recently decided the time was right for us to join the fray. We want to spotlight promising practices and share what we’re learning, as we’re learning it.

Ariela Rozman