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Return to Sender

A recent personal attack on Randi Weingarten is a shameful example of a tactic that has become all too common in our debate about improving schools. If we are serious about the work at hand, it's time to reject these tactics and focus on what's best for students and teachers.

David Keeling

Michelle Rhee and the High Price of Leadership

As a leader, Michelle Rhee has never been afraid to be a lightning rod. But when her critics turn her into a caricature of herself, instead of focusing on the real issues, it discourages the next generation of education leaders—of all stripes—from stepping up. And that's a loss for all of us.

David Keeling

Fixing the Culture of Testing

A new study on time schools spend on testing finds plenty of variety, especially when it comes to prep. This addition to an emotion-fueled argument is welcome, and points to this conclusion: The trouble with testing isn't the tests themselves, but whether schools resort to a culture of testing.

David Keeling

The First Quarter of Reform

A new report by NCTQ shows just how far evaluation policy reform has come since we published The Widget Effect four years ago. But better policies are just the start: putting them into practice will require a significant cultural shift, and great deal of work on the ground.

David Keeling

Alt-Route Bogeymen

We've seen a spate of nasty criticism for alternate-route teacher prep programs recently. Enough shadowy conspiracy theories and baseless insults. We expect a better discussion.

David Keeling

Common Ground on Common Core

How are most teachers feeling about the Common Core? According to a new poll, pretty "enthusiastic."

David Keeling

Fishman Winners Go to Washington

Four amazing teachers head to Washington, D.C., to talk education policy and share their view from the classroom with heavy-hitters inside the beltway. The hunger for teachers' perspectives never fails to amaze us–and them.

David Keeling

Ask a Question, Get 117 Answers

It’s clear that we all need to pay a lot more attention to our nation’s best teachers. In our new paper, Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers, we share the diverse opinions of 117 of them, to kick off what needs to be a continuing conversation.

David Keeling

On the Town, Fishman-Style

We kicked off our 2013 Fishman Prize residency with a whirlwind visit to New York City, where our winners met with local leaders and shared their thoughts on how to help students learn from their mistakes and know when someone is "college-ready."

David Keeling

This American Life: Irreplaceables Edition

An exceptional teacher talks about his plans to leave the profession. Why is he leaving? He says he can't afford to stay.

David Keeling