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Has Teacher Evaluation Ruined Everything? Studies Say: No

Although many parents and teachers don’t think new evaluation systems have worked, the evidence coming from schools using them tells a very different story.

Andy Jacob

The Mirage Conversation Continues

While it’s been inspiring to see The Mirage garner attention in the last month, it’s also clear that there is still confusion about the challenges of teacher development.

Andy Jacob

The Limits of “Building” Teachers

In this review of Elizabeth Green's new book, Building a Better Teacher, Andy Jacob examines what the author gets right about teaching—and what she gets very wrong.

Andy Jacob

Higher Standards—Just Not for Teachers

Randi Weingarten recently acknowledged that her real concern about the Common Core isn't the standards themselves, but the tests attached to them. In a refreshing moment of honesty in the Common Core debate, it's clear that the unions' real issue isn't raising the bar for students, but holding their members accountable for meeting that bar.

Andy Jacob

Five Questions On NYC’s New Teacher Contract

The new contract agreement reached yesterday has some promising elements, including a career ladders program and pay bumps for teachers in high-need schools, but only time will tell if the provisions will ultimately make a positive difference for students.

Andy Jacob

Testing. Kind of Like Vegetables.

Parents and teachers hold similarly moderate views when it comes to standardized tests, finding them pretty useful overall. Those were the views expressed in a new AP/NORC poll, as well as our Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers survey.

Andy Jacob