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Growing Up With TNTP

During his 14 year tenure, former TNTP President Tim Daly watched the organization mature from infancy into adulthood.

Tim Daly

The Conventional Wisdom on Teacher Development

Some beliefs about teacher development are so broadly held and uncontroversial that they rise to the level of conventional wisdom. But how do they hold up under scrutiny?

Tim Daly

Doubling Down On New York’s Education

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an ambitious education policy agenda in his State of the State address. In many ways, New York is an exemplar of implementation gone wrong, but Cuomo's commitment could allow teachers and students to finally benefit from sound policy ideas.

Tim Daly

Bad Ideas Can Be Bipartisan, Too

With the reauthorization of ESEA on the table, proposals are flying, with particular debate around testing. These are critical questions to ask. But so far, many of the proposed answers—from across the ideological spectrum—have fallen short.

Tim Daly

TNTP’s Favorite Thinkers Review 2014

As the year winds to a close, we asked a handful of thought-provoking leaders in education to reflect on significant developments of 2014, and consider what’s to come. On everything from school discipline to immigration reform, these voices address progress, challenges and goals for the year ahead.

Tim Daly

Don’t Keep Great Teaching a Secret

Great teaching shouldn't be kept secret: Today, download the current Fishman Prize winners' essay collection, Languages for Learning, and see what happens inside their classrooms. Now we're looking for the next group of winners, too—so nominate an outstanding teacher (or apply yourself) today.

Tim Daly

4 Things We’ve Learned Since The Widget Effect

After a week of principals, teachers and policy leaders reflecting on teacher evaluation five years post-The Widget Effect, here are some big takeaways to keep in mind for the next five.

Tim Daly

The Widget Effect at Five: Where Are We Now?

This week, we’ll be considering the current state of teacher evaluation: what’s changed, what’s working and—most importantly—what remains to be done. We’ve asked some of our favorite policy leaders and educators to reflect on their experiences, too.

Tim Daly

Mend, Don’t End, Teacher Tenure

Parents in New York are suing to overturn teacher tenure laws, and other states may soon face similar lawsuits. Here's why a middle ground between keeping tenure as-is and getting rid of it altogether would benefit teachers, students and the teaching profession.

Tim Daly

Fixing Tenure Doesn’t Mean Ending It

There's been a lot of talk lately about teacher tenure—and some states may soon face court orders to change their tenure laws. Today, we're releasing a short paper with eight recommendations for common-sense changes to current laws and regulations that we think will fix tenure without ending it.

Tim Daly

Talking About Ferguson in the Classroom

As the nation heads back to school, many teachers will be talking with their students about the death of Michael Brown and about issues of racism, violence and injustice. Today we're sharing a resource from District of Columbia Public Schools, aimed at supporting teachers in those tough but critically important conversations.

Tim Daly

A Delay on Teacher Evaluations, But Not a Retreat

Education Secretary Arne Duncan may allow states to delay factoring student learning into teacher evaluations. So what happens next?

Tim Daly

TNTP’s Irreplaceables: Meet Layla Avila

Layla Avila took a chance on TNTP fifteen years ago, when she'd been teaching in Compton, CA and the organization was barely a start-up. Since then, she's led teacher pipeline programs from coast to coast and has helped TNTP grow, all while staying focused on the mission that inspired her from day one: a great teacher for every child.

Tim Daly

The Real Lesson of Vergara

The verdict’s in for Vergara vs. California, and the decision makes clear that the priority is finding the right balance between job protections for teachers and students' access to great teachers. It will take some time to see real policy changes from the decision, but here are four common-sense changes we hope state leaders will make to serve both teachers and students.

Dan Weisberg, Tim Daly

Stand Tall, John King

We stand by New York's education chief, who has refused to buckle under union pressure to retreat from new standards that would raise the bar for students and teachers.

Tim Daly

Union Leaders Put Common Core in the Cold

The NEA has joined the AFT in threatening to withdraw support for the Common Core. Make no mistake: While change is never easy, this has nothing to do with supposed "botched" implementation—and everything to do with avoiding accountability.

Tim Daly

You’re Going to Need a Smaller Rubric

Classroom observations are failing to accurately evaluate teachers and provide them with useful feedback—and overstuffed rubrics are part of the problem. TNTP's Common Core-aligned rubric puts the focus on classroom content and how students are handling it.

Tim Daly

Better Wages and Better Schools

With Congress set to debate the minimum wage in 2014, TNTP President Tim Daly argues that fighting poverty and improving schools—together—is our best hope for ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed.

Tim Daly