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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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My Next Big Challenge

After 10 wonderful years with TNTP, Karolyn Belcher is heading back to school to pursue a long-time dream of leading an urban school district.

Karolyn Belcher

Getting Older—and Wiser—in Education Reform

After attending TFA's 25th anniversary summit, TNTP's President considers how far the education reform movement has come—and all the work that still remains.

Karolyn Belcher

The Five Stages of The Mirage

Many will react strongly to The Mirage—and not all of those reactions will be positive. For us at TNTP, the findings have been sobering, but we're still focused on improving.

Karolyn Belcher

Room to Grow for Teacher Prep

This year’s National Council on Teacher Quality Teacher Prep Review includes alternative certification programs, and two TNTP Teaching Fellows programs are in the mix. Despite some opportunities to sharpen its evaluative lens, the report continues to push forward an important conversation about how all prep providers, including us, still have room to grow.

Karolyn Belcher

Focusing on a Fast Start

We overhauled our teacher prep so new teachers master a focused set of essential skills through hands-on practice and coaching. Our new report shares what we've learned.

Karolyn Belcher

A New Year of Teaching Fellows

Over the past 14 years, we’ve trained more than 32,000 teachers to work in some of the country’s most challenging school environments. This week, we're looking for the next group of amazingly talented people to join them.

Karolyn Belcher

A Teaching Fellows Makeover

Over the past 12 years, our Teaching Fellows programs have trained more than 32,000 talented people who bring academics alive. A new website to reflect their transformational teaching was long overdue.

Karolyn Belcher

From Old School to Leap Year

Our experience in linking certification and classroom performance is exciting, not only because it has made our teachers and programs stronger, but because we believe it has broader implications for the field of teacher preparation.

Karolyn Belcher