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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

An Open Letter to Betsy DeVos

During the confirmation hearings, time after time, when senators pushed DeVos to explain how she might approach a specific issue, she deflected—we’d still like answers to these questions.

Dan Weisberg

How Can States Support Better Teacher Prep? Start with Better Data.

With the right information, school systems can place more great teachers in the classrooms where they can make the biggest difference. Here’s how six states are using smarter data systems to strengthen their workforce.

Katie Diggins

A Literacy Test Without Merit

By getting rid of the literacy test, New York took an important first step toward a smarter approach to certifying teachers—one that could make our pool of educators stronger and more diverse.

Dan Weisberg

Bringing the Right to Personalized Education to Every Student

The US Supreme Court ruled that kids with disabilities are entitled to a “free appropriate public education…tailored to the unique needs of” each child. What if we could promise this to all students?

Dan Weisberg

Helping School Districts Create New Teacher Pathways

This year we set out to partner with districts to improve or create sustainable alternative teacher certification programs—so eventually they won’t need our help at all.

Ian Scott

The Problem with Gutting ESSA Regulations

States are often the right place for education decisions to be made, but ESSA regulations provide essential accountability for schools and protections for students.

Berrick Abramson

An Open Letter to Betsy DeVos

During the confirmation hearings, time after time, when senators pushed DeVos to explain how she might approach a specific issue, she deflected—we’d still like answers to these questions.

Dan Weisberg

Giving Native Communities a Seat at the Education Policy Table

We spoke with the head of the National Indian Education Association to discuss how schools can be better supported to engage productively with Native communities.

Leticia de la Vara

Why Education Always Hits the Snooze Button on its A.I. Awakening

Skepticism is healthy, but resisting innovation in education won’t help us create a public-school system that sets up all students for success.

Dan Weisberg

After the Election, Taking Our Eyes Off the Prize

After a wrenching election season, the reform community is struggling to adjust to a new landscape. However, we must move forward because the needs of teachers, students, and families have not taken a pause.

Dan Weisberg

Confronting the Professional Development Mirage

When it comes to professional development, where should a district begin if they want to get a handle on what works and what doesn't?

Richard Green

How Has New Mexico’s Commitment to Change Helped Students?

New Mexico Secretary of Education, Hanna Skandera shares how the state shifted from a culture of low expectations to believing in the success of every student.

Ellen Hur

Adding Innovation and Heart to District Communications

In the Houston Independent School District, a thoughtful communications strategy helps the whole community—from families to teachers to district staff—become more engaged in ensuring students succeed.

Jessica Wilbanks

ESSA is an Opportunity to Raise Voices That Often Go Unheard

If we truly hope to shape schools that ensure “every student succeeds,” listening to the voices of parents and communities will be a vital part of the process.

Leticia de la Vara

On Teacher Prep, the Data Speaks Volumes—If We Let It

There aren't any straightforward answers for how to prepare new teachers for one of the hardest jobs on the planet. But it’s possible to do better—and part of that is measuring how well training approaches translate into outcomes for kids.

Dottie Smith

A Roadmap for State Accountability Systems

To help states revising school accountability systems to bring them in line with ESSA, we’re releasing a new whitepaper with guiding principles for both the process and substance of building accountability systems.

Berrick Abramson

Christie’s “Fairness Formula” is Anything But

While districts should always feel pressure to use public funds responsibly, gutting the budgets of failing schools won't magically help them fix their problems.

Dan Weisberg

In Denver, a District and Local Universities Unite to Recruit New Teachers

At Denver Public Schools, a unique residency allows local college seniors to become certified teachers upon graduation and fill district openings in high need subject areas.

Richard Green