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New York Daily News: Mend, don’t end, teacher tenure
The debate on teacher tenure laws is typically framed as a false choice between two extremes: Either keep current laws, with all their flaws, or strip job protections from teachers entirely. We should be pursuing another approach: Keep tenure laws but make them better.


Philadelphia Inquirer: Help Coach Good Teachers
Few teachers have developed the technique to make the impact that is necessary in low-income schools. Teacher training that includes frequent feedback and high-repetition practice of tightly defined techniques is essential. TNTP uses this practice-heavy approach to increase the effectiveness of young teachers.


The Florida Times-Union: Study: Duval County Public Schools losing effective teachers
TNTP's diagnostic study of Duval County Public Schools found that the district is losing effective teachers and needs to improve its readiness to teach students under Florida’s new core curriculum standards that take effect next year.


The Tampa Tribune: Lennard High teacher wins national $25,000 award
Kelly Zunkiewicz is a winner of the Fishman Prize for her outstanding performance in her math classroom.


New York Daily News: How to Keep Great Teachers
Baseless union warnings of a New York City retention problem distract from the real crisis—holding on to excellent early-career teachers. Mayor de Blasio should push for a large raise for these teachers to keep them in classrooms.


Doug Lemov's Field Notes: Reflections on our ‘Fast Start’ Work with TNTP
Erica Woolway, Chief Academic Officer at Uncommon Schools, reflects on collaborating with TNTP for Fast Start, our redesign of teacher prep to better prepare new teachers.


New York Times: Teaching as a Second Act, or Maybe Even a Third
Career changers look to teaching as a potential second act, including through TNTP’s selective, hands-on Teaching Fellows programs.


New York Post: Sending bad teachers back to class
New York City has a $144 million problem on its hands: the Absent Teacher Reserve. Everyone agrees we should stop paying teachers not to teach, but Mayor de Blasio must not return to the bad old days of forced placements for teachers with poor track records.


USA Today: Common Core turns focus to teacher training
Alternative teacher training programs like TNTP are working to produce highly effective teachers who can help students meet the Common Core State Standards.


Green Bay Press-Gazette: Teaching is ‘most meaningful work I can imagine’
Jennifer Corroy's passion and talent for teaching is clear, as her Fishman Prize win comes right on the heels of receiving the 2013 Teach For America Alumni Award.


Newark Patch: Newark Teacher Wins National Award
Newark teacher Keith Robinson is named one of TNTP's 2013 Fishman Prize winners.


Flypaper: By the Company It Keeps: Tim Daly
Flypaper interviews TNTP President Tim Daly, discussing the "influential" organization's latest research and education policy.


The Monitor: IDEA Donna teacher among 4 national award recipients
IDEA Donna teacher Jennifer Corroy is named one of TNTP's 2013 Fishman Prize winners.


Memphis Commercial Appeal: Memphis special education teacher given national honor
Memphis teacher Josalyn Tresvant is named one of TNTP's 2013 Fishman Prize winners.


Flypaper: One giant leap for teacher development
Flypaper's Andy Smarick is "all but certain a number of states will take [Leap Year's] lessons to heart, and once again it will be said that TNTP influenced for the better our educator policies and practices."

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