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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
Case Study

Camden, NJ: Jumpstarting Systemic Reform


Camden City Public Schools

Project Dates

2013 – 2015


Camden, New Jersey

Area of Work

Systems & Policies, Staffing

In 2013, the New Jersey Department of Education assumed management of the Camden City School District (CCSD), with bold plans to turn around the district and improve student outcomes. The challenge was stark: of 13,500 Camden students, just five graduated college ready in 2013.

Camden engaged TNTP to analyze personnel challenges and map out recommendations for sustainable reform. For three months, we researched everything that shapes district talent—from teacher and principal staffing, to pay and data systems, to working conditions and the district’s central office.

Then TNTP dove into implementation, working alongside district officials to address the most urgent issues. Together we ramped up recruitment to attract more talented educators, redesigned the central office to align with school needs, introduced a more rigorous process for selecting new hires, and laid the groundwork for the district’s strategic plan.

Camden now has a strategic staffing plan in place to better forecast vacancies and hire teachers earlier, which will help ensure all schools begin the school year with the teachers they need. Since the project’s inception, Camden has made more than 300 strategic hires for key positions across the district. The redesigned central office is now organized around supporting educators and schools—and has reduced costs by about $6.5 million—while the new Central Office Performance Review we built helps keep the district’s focus on student success.


Crystal Harmon

Executive Vice President, Client Team

Kevin Zimmer

Project Director

Aneesh Sohoni

Project Director

Nicole Spirgen

Site Manager

I have been extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and in-depth, data-driven decision-making completed by the team. The team seemed to blend seamlessly with existing district staff.

– Camden District staff member