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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Featured Case Studies

Across the country, we're helping create engaging classrooms, focused schools, and strategic school systems and states.

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Newark: Strengthening School Culture

Using teacher feedback, we created a clear road map for Great Oaks Charter School to build a stronger school culture.

Houston: Laying the Foundation for Change

In 2014, 45% of teachers had development areas identified on their evaluations—up from 3% before the new evaluation system.

New Orleans: Rewarding Talented Teachers

In the salary system we helped ReNEW Schools design, top teachers can earn nearly $30,000 more in their first five years.

New York: Flooding a District with Talent

More than 8,700 TNTP-trained teachers work in NYC, making up one-fifth of the city’s math, science and special education teachers.

Philadelphia: Preparing School Leaders

In 2012, we launched the city's first alternative principal certification program, training strong leaders for challenging schools.

New Orleans: Rebuilding a School System

We’ve trained or recruited 1,000 teachers for New Orleans since 2001. Now we’re taking their skills to the next level.

Memphis: Transforming Teacher Hiring

TNTP has helped Memphis dramatically expand its teacher candidate pool by reshaping its approach to recruitment and hiring.