TNTP Teaching Fellows

Outstanding, Affordable, Teacher Training

TNTP Teaching Fellows offers a faster, more affordable path to teacher certification than traditional teacher preparation programs, without sacrificing quality.

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Outstanding, Affordable, Teacher Training
Giselle Allen instructs resident James Sowers on student engagement techniques at the Academy for College and Career Exploration.

One of the largest, most distinguished teacher preparation programs in the country, TNTP Teaching Fellows is based on a national framework that has been refined over 20-plus years.

Under the guidance of veteran teachers, Fellows benefit from practice, job-embedded training, and personalized coaching. They teach students in real classrooms and learn from experienced local teachers and leaders.


teachers trained through 36 Teaching Fellows Programs across 25 states, since 2000


of Fellows in our 2023 cohort identify as people of color, compared to 20% of teachers nationally

I knew it was the right program for me because it was based in Indianapolis and served scholars in underserved areas who needed to see and believe that they can become anything.

Jazmin Sanders

Elementary, K-2, Indianapolis Teaching Fellows

I have never had an experience like pre-service training where I felt like I was truly gaining everything I needed. The team was there for me and respected me.

Adam Weeks

Elementary, 2nd Grade, Baltimore City Teaching Residency

I love building relationships with students. Creating a safe and comfortable environment with students is the foundation for them to open up to you.

Samantha Herr

Elementary, Kindergarten, Teach Minnesota

The skills and strategies that you learn from teachNOLA deal with modern-day educational issues. Strategies are all centered around an equitable approach, ensuring that we reach all our students.

Paolo Antonio Castagnoli

Mathematics, K-2, teachNOLA

The chance to learn skills, put them into practice, and receive immediate feedback is the reason I am able to effectively manage my classroom today.

Natasha Brown

Baltimore City Teaching Residency

During the summer months, Fellows receive immersive training led by expert educators so that in the fall they are ready to enter the classroom and begin earning a full-time teaching salary. They complete coursework, receive coaching and support, and earn full certification in as little as one year.

Despite the faster pace, Teaching Fellows perform as well as teachers certified through traditional programs and are more likely to still be teaching a year later.

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