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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Student Experience Toolkit

Browse resources designed to help educators, policymakers, and families improve students' daily experiences in school.

Aspen Institute: ESSA Plan

Learn how districts can leverage the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to advance equity.

Assignment Review Protocols

Use these content-specific protocols to assess the quality of assignments that students are asked to complete.

Case Studies: How to Leverage Student Goals

Learn more about how schools have incorporated student goals into their instructional models.

Case Study: Adopting Strong Instructional Materials

Learn how the Louisiana Department of Education helped give its teachers access to strong instructional materials.

Character Lab: Build Connections Tool

Help your students connect what they’re learning in class to the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Classroom Observation Protocols

Use these content-specific protocols to assess the quality of instructional practice in classrooms you observe.

Course Access Reflection Questions

Ask yourself these questions, then build a plan to ensure that students have equitable access to rigorous courses.

EL Education: Deeper Instruction Framework

Use these resources to challenge, engage, and empower students with deeper instruction.

EL Education: Management in the Active Classroom

Use these strategies to ensure all your students do rigorous thinking in your class.

Good to Great Program Snapshot

Raise expectations by showing what students can do when they have access to grade-appropriate work.

Good to Great Reflection Guide

Keep track of what your students are capable of achieving when they tackle grade-appropriate content.

Instructional Materials Decision Guide

This guide helps teachers sift through the wide array of instructional materials available online and find the best materials for their classrooms.

Instructional Strategies that Push Students to Own the Thinking

Use these instructional strategies to transfer the thinking load from yourself to your students.

Learning Heroes: Parent-Teacher Conference Guide

Plan for your next conference using this guide from Learning Heroes.

Learning Heroes: Readiness Check

It only takes a few minutes to assess how ready your student is for next year.