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Learning Environment

Students and teachers need a safe, predictable environment to focus on the hard work of learning. In this Insight survey domain, teachers assess the consistency of expectations and consequences for student conduct, as well as leadership support in maintaining a productive learning environment.


Based on our extensive experience, TNTP recommends the following as evidence-based practices for this domain:

  • Establish a vision of excellence for instruction and school culture.
  • Build partnerships within the community to ensure that expectations are culturally responsive and relevant.
  • Set clear school-wide expectations for students and staff members.
  • Build systems and routines that support the school’s values.
  • Hold all community members accountable to the school-wide expectations.


Resource Description
Management in the Active Classroom Protocols, articles, blog posts, and more from EL Education on creating classrooms where students are respectful, active, collaborative, and growth-oriented
Student Experience Assessment Guide A how-to guide for systematically gauging the quality of your students’ daily academic experiences
Student Engagement Survey A survey to understand how engaging and worthwhile students perceived the day’s lesson to be
Shadow a Student Guide A workbook for participating in the Shadow a Student Challenge
Why Don’t Students Take Social-Emotional Learning Home? An exploration of culturally responsive SEL and the problems with using SEL solely for classroom management

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