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Successful schools require both effective teachers and an effective instructional leader. In this Insight survey domain, teachers assess the effectiveness of their school leader—including the vision they set for the school, the extent to which they communicate and follow through on clear goals and priorities, and whether they seek upward feedback from their teachers.


Based on our extensive experience, TNTP recommends the following as evidence-based practices for this domain:

  • Engage in an inclusive process with the entire school community to develop a vision of collective responsibility for the educational success of each student regardless of background.
  • Acknowledge that most schools do not serve all students well, and design your school to both disrupt that inequity and be responsive to the complex and evolving needs of your community.
  • Link actions, including feedback conversations and professional development, to instructional priorities that are aligned with the school’s vision.
  • Model a committed practice to both growing knowledge and fostering personal development and wellbeing in service of leadership for school transformation.
  • Solicit feedback frequently and adjust course as indicated.


Resource Description
Leading for Change: A Framework for Instructional Leadership Protocols and tools from Insight Education Group to help school leaders create a vision and align their instructional leadership actions to them
Red Light/Green Light – Organizational Priority Tracking Tool Template of a dashboard from The Management Center for monitoring progress toward goals
The Together Group: Leader Resources A collection of free resources for leaders for organizing meetings, professional development, and more
Equity & Inclusion Resources from The Management Center on leading with an equity and inclusion lens
Leverage Leadership 2.0: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo A guide to effective school leadership, including videos of actual school leaders

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