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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Winners and Finalists

One word: Phenomenal.
Meet the teachers who inspire us with classroom excellence.

We're pleased to announce the 2017 Fishman Prize winners and finalists.


Javier  Velazquez

Javier Velazquez

6th Grade Math, Howe School of Excellence Chicago, IL

Jennifer Corroy Porras

Jennifer Corroy Porras

11th-12th Grade English, IDEA College Preparatory Donna, TX

Josalyn  Tresvant

Josalyn Tresvant

K-5th Grade Special Education, Knight Road Elementary School Memphis, TN

Keith Robinson

Keith Robinson

9th Grade Algebra I, People‚Äôs Preparatory Charter School Newark, NJ


Andrew Vega

Andrew Vega

8th Grade English, Orchard Gardens Pilot School Boston, MA

Marie Krueger-Miller

Marie Krueger-Miller

4th Grade English as a Second Language, Davila Elementary School Houston, TX

Nakita Thomas

Nakita Thomas

6th & 8th Grade Special Education, Cape Fear Middle School Rocky Point, NC

Sasha Growick

Sasha Growick

3rd Grade, Success Academy Bronx 2 Bronx, NY

Stephany Copeland

Stephany Copeland

5th Grade Reading, KIPP Rise Academy Newark, NJ


Angela Campbell

10th Grade Chemistry, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies Los Angeles, CA

Emilie Ronallo

2nd Grade, KIPP SPARK Academy Newark, NJ

Jeffrey Vasquez

6th Grade Math, Achievement First Bushwick Middle School Bushwick, NY

Jerib Carson

6th Grade Science, Madiba Prep Middle School Brooklyn, NY

John Becker

4th Grade, DC Prep Washington, DC

Keith Dell’Aquila

7th Grade Humanities, California Academy for Liberal Studies Los Angeles, CA

Kellee Ransom

3rd Grade, University Academy Kansas City, MO

Kristin Wolf

6th-7th Grade Math, Canarelli Middle School Las Vegas, NV

Lelac Almagor

5th-7th Grade English, KIPP DC: AIM Academy Washington, DC

Megan Vesce

6th Grade Science, Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School Brooklyn, NY

Mitchell Bartkiewicz

5th Grade Science, KIPP Memphis Academy Middle School Memphis, TN

Honor Roll

Alicia Hermosillo

Pre-K Bilingual Education, J.G. Osborne Elementary Houston, TX

Alicia Nutall

2nd, 4th & 5th Grade, Knight Road Elementary School Memphis, TN

Amy Hunt

1st Grade, KIPP PEACE Elementary School Houston, TX

Amy Matthusen

11th-12th Grade English, East-West School of International Studies Flushing, NY

Angela Jenkins

6th Grade Special Education, KIPP Impact Middle School Jacksonville, FL

Angela Porter

7th Grade Math, Allen Middle School Greensboro, NC

Ann Neary

9th-12th Grade English, DeWitt Clinton High School Bronx, NY

April Greene

4th Grade, Ketcham Elementary Washington, DC

Arianna Blandon

7th-8th Grade, Lawrence Academy Florida City, FL

Ashley Benjamin

6th Grade, Johnnie Cochran Middle School Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin Sinwell

9th-12th Grade Math, Pendleton High School Pendleton, SC

Brian Thompson

9th-12th Grade History, Cardozo Senior High School Washington, DC

Chantrise Holliman

9th Grade English, Westlake High School Atlanta, GA

Chelsea Arbutina

9th-12th Grade Special Education, H.S. 811X: The Academy for Career and Living Skils Bronx, NY

Courtni Frank

6th Grade English, DSST: Cole Middle School Denver, CO

Daniel Sonnier

6th Grade Reading, KIPP TEAM Academy Newark, NJ

Deborah Walter

8th Grade Physical Education, Kirksey Middle School Rogers, AR

Debra Holt-Robinson

4th Grade Math, Ford Road Elementary School Memphis, TN

Debra Madjlesi

9th-12th Grade Biology, Corinth High School Corinth, MS

Dwight Davis

5th Grade, Wheatley Education Campus Washington, DC

Edward Chambers

9th-12th Grade English, Columbia High School Columbia, SC

Elizabeth McMillan

3rd Grade Bilingual Education, Carver Dual Language Kansas City, MO

Elizabeth Simmer

9th-12th Grade Math, Berkmar High School Lilburn, GA

Elizabeth Wendell

3rd Grade, Mastery Charter School - Clymer Philadelphia, PA

Flora Lerenman

Pre-K, Kindergarten & 2nd Grade Special Education, Tyler Elementary Washington, DC

Gina Voges

3rd Grade, North Laurel Elementary School Laurel, DE

Hany Khalil

9th-12th Grade Social Studies, Sharpstown International School Houston, TX

Heather Sanchez

9th-12th Grade Band, Rio Grande High School Albuquerque, NM

Heather Snodgrass

7th Grade Science, KIPP Academy Nashville Nashville, TN

Jeannine Hogue

9th-12th Grade English, Harding University High School Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Disque

9th-12th Grade Special Education, Roberts Vaux High School Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Fowler

7th-8th Grade English, Paintsville High School Paintsville, KY

Jennifer Freeman

7th Grade Life Science, KIPP STRIVE Academy Atlanta, GA

Jennifer Turner

5th Grade Bilingual Education, John Quincy Adams Elementary School Dallas, TX

Jessica Druchniak

Kindergarten, KIPP Ascend Primary School Chicago, IL

Jessica Hackenson

2nd Grade English as a Second Language, Tres Rios Elementary Tolleson, AZ

Jessica McAtamney

10th-11th Grade Agriculture, W.B. Saul High School Philadelphia, PA

John Sigren

9th-12th Grade Social Studies, Sharpstown International School Houston, TX

Joiselle Cunningham

5th Grade Reading, KIPP Infinity Middle School New York, NY

Jonathan Gillentine

Pre-K Special Education, Rev. Benjamin Parker School Kanehoe, HI

Juliana Windeatt

Kindergarten, Downtown Miami Charter School Miami, FL

Kathleen Donnelly

K-5th Grade Special Education, Frayser Achievement Elementary School Memphis, TN

Kathleen Friedl

1st Grade, John Fiske Elementary School Chicago, IL

Kathryn LaBombard

7th-8th Grade Math, Little Village Academy Chicago, IL

Katie Cardus

8th Grade Math, Park Slope Educational Complex Brooklyn, NY

Katie Mahoney

3rd Grade, Apex Academy Cleveland, OH

Katie Rieser

9th Grade English, Community Charter School of Cambridge Cambridge, MA

Kimberlee Goldsmith

11th-12th Grade Special Education, Southside Occupational Academy Chicago, IL

Kristal Bailey

5th Grade, North Elementary School Lancaster, SC

Krystin Bailey

3rd Grade Math, Brighter Choice Charter School for Boys Albany, NY

Lauren Amrhein

2nd Grade, Center City Public Charter Schools Washington, DC

Lawanda Shaw

4th Grade, Dunbar Elementary Memphis, TN

Leslie Aaronson

10th-12th Grade Career/Technical Ed, Foshay Learning Center Los Angeles, CA

Lindsey Kostuch

7th Grade Reading, KIPP Ascend Charter School Chicago, IL

Lisa Barton

6th Grade Language Arts, Waianae Elementary School Waianae, HI

Maya Garcia

8th Grade Physical Science, Hardy Middle School Washington, DC

Michelle Verrochi

10th-12th Grade Science, Todd County High School Mission, SD

Nautrie Jones

7th Grade Language Arts, Harper-Archer Middle School Atlanta, GA

Nicholas Caputi

11th Grade Biology, Noble Street College Prep High School Chicago, IL

Perri Lawrie

Kindergarten, KIPP Infinity Elementary School New York City, NY

Philip Gerlach

8th Grade English, Edwin Markham Middle School Los Angeles, CA

Sally Winchester

5th Grade Math, KIPP Believe College Prep New Orleans, LA

Sarah Gilman

5th Grade, Melrose Avenue Magnet Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Goudy

12th Grade Social Studies, Leadership Public School Hayward, CA

Stephanie Lund

3rd Grade, William C. Jack Elementary School Phoenix, AZ

Susan Ollis

1st Grade, Henry Elementary School Stockton, CA

Terrilyn Ali Ferguson

7th Grade Social Studies, Drew Charter School Atlanta, GA

Todd Matthews

9th-12th Grade Art, Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School Los Angeles, CA

Trevor Charles

9th-12th Grade Social Studies, Middletown High School Middletown, CT

Valerie Douglass

2nd Grade, Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School San Jose, CA

Whitney Green

Pre-Kindergarten, H. D. Cooke Elementary School Washington, DC

Whitney Paul

4th Grade, KIPP McDonogh 15 Primary New Orleans, LA

William Sea

6th Grade Science, KIPP TRUTH Academy Dallas, TX