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Nominate a Teacher

Great teachers deserve recognition and a seat at the table.

Nominate a Teacher

Across the country, exceptional public school teachers are creating challenging and engaging classrooms for all of their students. These teachers inspire us every day—yet they often go unrecognized and unheard.

Nominations for the 2017 Fishman Prize are now closed. Winners will be announced in the spring.

Application Eligibility

To be eligible for the Fishman Prize, an applicant must:

  1. Be a current, full-time PK-12 classroom teacher. The teacher, sometimes known as the "teacher of record," is responsible for providing instruction regularly over the course of the current school year, evaluating student performance, and assigning grades and ratings. Eligible teachers may hold other roles simultaneously, as mentors or school administrators, for example.
  2. Teach at a public school (including public charter schools, BIE-operated schools, and tribal schools).
  3. Teach at a school where at least 40 percent of all students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

In addition to meeting the above eligibility requirements, successful candidates must demonstrate:

  1. An extraordinary ability to lead students from all backgrounds to academic excellence in caring classroom communities.
  2. A keen understanding of academic content and effective instructional practice and an ability to articulate it clearly.
  3. A passion for teaching and a deep commitment to advancing the teaching profession.

Applicants do not need to be nominated to be eligible to apply.


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