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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

The Fishman Prize

The Fishman Prize

Great teaching inspires us. TNTP's Fishman Prize honors amazing teachers with $25,000 and a unique summer residency, exclusively for teachers in high-need schools.

Winner Highlight

Maria Morfin

“I feel like there's no better way for me to help those who may not have a voice right now. Five, ten years from now when they're in high school and college, they can come back to their community, and they can stand up for what they believe is right for their community.”

-Maria Morfin, 5th Grade English, KIPP Sol Academy, East Los Angeles, CA

Winner Highlight

Milton Bryant

"My students are no different than kids from affluent areas. They're great problem solvers; they’re just solving different types of problems. They have all of these phenomenal skills you wouldn’t think a 10-year-old kid would have.”

-Milton Bryant, 4th-5th Grade Math, Ketcham Elementary School, Washington, DC

Winner Highlight

Joshua Martinez

“When I go on home visits at the start of each year, I make it a point to get to know the particular stories of my families. What you find are families with different traditions and values, but each one cares deeply about the quality of education their child is receiving.”

-Joshua Martinez, 4th Grade, KIPP Raíces Academy, East Los Angeles, CA

Winner Highlight

Brett Noble

“Aware of the statistics, my students use them not as excuses, but as motivation. They demand that the bar be set higher than state tests; they demand that the bar be set at college readiness because they expect to succeed at the colleges of their choice.”

-Brett Noble, 11th Grade English, KIPP Pride High School, Gaston, NC

The Residency

Winners participate in a thought-provoking summer residency with their peers, reflecting, writing, and sharing their voice. 


on your craft and your profession in an intensive, five-week summer residency. 


with other exceptional teachers and staff across TNTP. 


with thought leaders in education, from policymakers to journalists. 


the essential elements of your practice in a collection of essays for teachers.