TNTP’s Next Chapter: Every Generation Thrives

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Alicia Jones shares a warm hug with her first-grade students at James Russell Lowell School 51.

Today marks the unveiling of the new—a digital home for the next chapter in our journey to transform America’s PK-12 education system. And, even more exciting, a new TNTP. The work ahead isn’t only about addressing today’s pressing challenges in the classroom; we believe it’s also time to build a future where public education can make it possible for all young people to thrive in life, pursue careers of their choosing, and shape our democracy. 

Since our founding more than 26 years ago, TNTP is proud to be a driving force for increasing educational equity, evolving from teacher recruitment and training to redefining student learning experiences and catalyzing systemic change. At every step, we have combined real-time research with practical classroom and systems application. Today, with partnerships across 6,000 districts in 39 states, we’re celebrating our most impactful year to date, improving the educational experiences of millions of students.  

Yet, it’s clear that our collective efforts still fall short of meeting the needs of today’s students. The job landscape is rapidly changing, with AI and advanced technologies poised to transform or eliminate half of existing jobs. The opportunity gap in the U.S. is systemic, real, and widening, contributing to the fact that about half of young adults earn less than their parents did. As a result, a significant and unacceptable portion of high school students feel unprepared to successfully navigate college or career decisions. 

Our New North Star 

Put simply, our current education system is not going to be the one to produce radically different results for all young people in this new reality. In response, TNTP has set a bold new North Star—a vision of academic, economic, and social mobility that lifts every generation. Over the next decade, our mission is to ensure race and zip code are eradicated as predictors of poverty, ensuring multiple pathways to thriving lives for all young people. 

At the heart of this new direction lies an evolved theory of action. We imagine a world where learning ignites curiosity, and where civic and real-world career experiences are seamlessly integrated, so students build new skills and forge lifelong networks. We envision a community of support tailored to each student’s unique aspirations, fostering a profound sense of belonging.  

Our CEO, Tequilla Brownie, Ed.D, underscores the fundamental question anchoring our new North Star: “Is it not common sense that the systems to support students mirror their lived experience, uninhibited by false walls created by fragmented governance, funding, and policy structures?”  

Ushering in a new day for education requires TNTP to expand into new frontiers. Today we are laying that groundwork by creating a multi-sector coalition that breaks free from the traditional focus on what happens only within the classroom. The futures of millions of young people hinge on our collective ability to forge interconnected systems, bridging academics and industry, as well as spanning communities and various career fields.   

Achieving radically different results will require all sectors—public and private, civic and corporate—to take an active role in redefining the very systems that influence the trajectory of millions of young lives. And, of course, lasting change will only be possible through authentic and collaborative efforts with educators, families, and community partners.  

Moving Boldly in 2024 

In the coming year, TNTP will move boldly towards our new North Star. Through impact consulting, we’ll establish and deepen partnerships to expand access to key components—a strong academic foundation, social capital, and career awareness and readiness for young people. We aspire to enrich the national conversation sharing valuable insights into PK–12 experiences and indicators linked to long-term economic and social mobility. As an integral part of this, our focus will go beyond measuring mobility to also identifying actionable and replicable strategies that can transform students’ life trajectories.  

We’ll advocate for an ambitious policy agenda to champion increasing educator diversity and effectiveness, expanding equitable access to career-connected learning, and improving student access to culturally responsive and linguistically affirming high-quality instructional materials. TNTP is also doubling down on our investment in systems-wide change, and we’ll share more in the coming months about our organizational focus on impact and innovation that redesigns education for young people now and in the future.   

Explore Our New Website 

The new is more than a website, it’s a commitment to our vision of transforming PK-12 so that every young person thrives. The website reflects TNTP’s breadth, depth, and impact, serving as a vehicle for our paradigm-shifting original research and publications. Check out our latest publication, False Signals: How Pandemic-Era Grades Mislead Parents and Threaten Student Learning, or browse our extensive collection of case studies and myth-busting reports, including The Opportunity Myth and Unlocking Acceleration.

Let’s Work Together 

We’re excited to embark on this ambitious journey into a new era for education, and we invite you to join us. Together, let’s build a future where education truly serves as the great equalizer, for all students, that our nation has always promised.

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, stands in front of her students while introducing them to the captivating world of science

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, introduces her students to the captivating world of science.

About TNTP

TNTP is the nation’s leading research, policy, and consulting organization dedicated to transforming America’s public education system, so that every generation thrives.

Today, we work side-by-side with educators, system leaders, and communities across 39 states and over 6,000 districts nationwide to reach ambitious goals for student success.

Yet the possibilities we imagine push far beyond the walls of school and the education field alone. We are catalyzing a movement across sectors to create multiple pathways for young people to achieve academic, economic, and social mobility.

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