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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

How Teachers Unions Could Win by Losing Janus

Teachers unions are now forced to confront an existential threat that’s been brewing for years: They’re losing touch with more and more of their members.

Dan Weisberg

The Absurd Logic Behind a Vergara Ruling That Tells Parents They Have No Recourse

Reversing Vergara v. California is a sign that the justice system acknowledges California’s tenure laws rob students of the education they deserve, but doesn't feel obligated to fix the problem.

Dan Weisberg

Friedrichs v. CTA and the Future of Teachers’ Unions

Unions are on the right side of this blockbuster Supreme Court case. Win or lose, though, they'll still have a path to becoming a force for positive change in education for years to come—if they have the courage to take it.

Dan Weisberg

Case Closed: Why Vergara Must be Upheld in California

Two school districts have already proven it is possible to balance giving kids the education they deserve and teachers the job security they need.

Jessica Conlon

New York’s Tenure Laws Go to Court

Like Vergara v. California, Wright v. New York confronts a hard truth: laws put in place to protect teachers’ rights can sometimes hurt students. Do New York’s statutes making it nearly impossible to replace under-performing teachers hinder the state in delivering on its promise of a "sound education" for all?

Layla Avila

The Future of Teacher Pensions

The financial woes of teacher pensions make headlines these days, but more troubling is that they may not be providing attractive retirement benefits for today’s teachers. In 16 states, charter schools can opt out of state retirement plans. We looked at seven to find out what they did instead.

Elizabeth Ettema

Weingarten Should Play By Her Own Rules

AFT president Randi Weingarten emphasizes “collaboration” between teachers’ unions and superintendents, while her organization bankrolls attack ads against a candidate in a close race for California state superintendent. It’s not the first time the AFT has failed to play by the rules they hold others to.

Ariela Rozman

Letters to the Editor: Rebalancing Teacher Tenure

Earlier this month, we shared our recommendations for fixing teacher tenure without ending it. We asked readers for feedback on this difficult topic, and we heard from many of you. Here are some excerpts from our inbox that capture the big themes that emerged.

Return to Sender

A recent personal attack on Randi Weingarten is a shameful example of a tactic that has become all too common in our debate about improving schools. If we are serious about the work at hand, it's time to reject these tactics and focus on what's best for students and teachers.

David Keeling

Mend, Don’t End, Teacher Tenure

Parents in New York are suing to overturn teacher tenure laws, and other states may soon face similar lawsuits. Here's why a middle ground between keeping tenure as-is and getting rid of it altogether would benefit teachers, students and the teaching profession.

Tim Daly

Fixing Tenure Doesn’t Mean Ending It

There's been a lot of talk lately about teacher tenure—and some states may soon face court orders to change their tenure laws. Today, we're releasing a short paper with eight recommendations for common-sense changes to current laws and regulations that we think will fix tenure without ending it.

Tim Daly

The Real Lesson of Vergara

The verdict’s in for Vergara vs. California, and the decision makes clear that the priority is finding the right balance between job protections for teachers and students' access to great teachers. It will take some time to see real policy changes from the decision, but here are four common-sense changes we hope state leaders will make to serve both teachers and students.

Dan Weisberg, Tim Daly

Five Questions On NYC’s New Teacher Contract

The new contract agreement reached yesterday has some promising elements, including a career ladders program and pay bumps for teachers in high-need schools, but only time will tell if the provisions will ultimately make a positive difference for students.

Andy Jacob

Sending Teachers Back to Class

New York City has a $144 million problem on its hands: the Absent Teacher Reserve. Everyone agrees we should stop paying teachers not to teach, but Mayor de Blasio must not return to the bad old days of forced placements for teachers with poor track records.

Dan Weisberg

California’s Students Get Their Day in Court

Decades-old policies that shield ineffective teachers from dismissal are under fire in a California courtroom, thanks to a class-action suit led by nine students asserting their right to an equal education. We have all lost when low-income students must sue the adults in charge.

Dan Weisberg