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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

Puerto Rico Is Losing Its Teachers. Are We Part of the Problem?

As advocates for kids, is it our responsibility to fight for policies and work toward solutions for all children—or is it our priority to help our clients address their local teacher shortages?

Ivan Nieves

DCPS Now Has More Great Teachers than Ever. What’s Next?

DC Public Schools discusses how they built a great team of educators—and how they retain them.

Patrick Byrnett

Helping Teachers Become Leaders

Teachers have lots of great ideas about how to improve their schools—but they’re rarely given a chance to try them. Denver Public Schools is trying to change that.

Erin Mack Trapanese

I Choose to Teach

2013 Fishman Prize winner Jennifer Corroy considers how the language we use to describe teaching affects students’ perceptions of the profession, and encourages fellow teachers to refine their words and share their voices. 

Jennifer Corroy Porras

Making Great Teaching Sustainable

A California principal shares how she encourages and supports her teachers to balance their determined commitment to students with a commitment to their own well-being.

Courtney Walker

Keeping Great Teachers, With a Personal Touch

Recently, we learned of DCPS' practice of sending personal emails to highly effective teachers in order to acknowledge their efforts. That seemed like an ingenious—and shockingly simple—way to encourage great teachers to stay, so we wanted to know more.

Kate McGovern

The Real Impact of Principal Turnover

A recent report breaks down how principal turnover affects students and schools. The headlines are important to consider as we work with partners to recruit, select and prepare new school leaders—and develop current ones.

Victoria Van Cleef

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Teaching Profession

Differentiated roles for teachers—beginning with entry-level positions on a team under a master teacher—could create a true career pathway in education, attract more diverse talent to the field, and raise the prestige of the teaching profession.

Dan Weisberg

Letters to the Editor: Rebalancing Teacher Tenure

Earlier this month, we shared our recommendations for fixing teacher tenure without ending it. We asked readers for feedback on this difficult topic, and we heard from many of you. Here are some excerpts from our inbox that capture the big themes that emerged.

A Profession for My Generation

In this op-ed for the Commercial Appeal, a Memphis teacher reflects on the features his peers are looking for in their careers and argues that it's time to evolve the teaching profession, especially compensation systems and career pathways, to meet those needs.

Jonathan Alfuth

The Promise of a Great School Leader

Earlier this month, Secretary Duncan announced a new initiative to focus on the equitable distribution of great teachers across all 50 states. What role do great school leaders play in attracting and retaining high-performing teachers in the schools that need them most?

Kristy Sullivan

I Choose to Teach

2013 Fishman Prize winner Jennifer Corroy considers how the language we use to describe teaching affects students’ perceptions of the profession, and encourages fellow teachers to refine their words and share their voices. 

Jennifer Corroy Porras

A Career Path for Every Great Teacher

Teaching is a dynamic and constantly evolving job, and teachers' career paths should reflect that. A veteran Boston teacher who participated in our "Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers" project reflects on how growth opportunities have kept him in the profession.

Paul Friedmann

How to Keep Great Teachers

Baseless union warnings of a New York City retention problem distract from the real crisis—holding on to excellent early-career teachers. Mayor de Blasio should push for a large raise for these teachers to keep them in classrooms.

Dan Weisberg

Fixing the Right Retention Crisis

Recent discussions of a turnover crisis in New York City have focused on the number of teachers leaving. But we need to know if excellent teachers are walking out the door or if low-performing ones are staying if we’re going to fix the real issue.

Ariela Rozman

A Path for Irreplaceables

Achievement First is sculpting its schools around its values. A new Teacher Career Pathway gives top-performing teachers feedback, recognition and rewards, so they can advance their careers while continuing to work in the classroom.

My Perspective on Burnout

Great teachers work hard for their students, so keeping them in the classroom means creating a sustainable career with a reasonable path to advance. Leaders at YES Prep schools have worked to address this challenge.

Nella Garcia Urban

Keeping KIPP’s Irreplaceables

What's a big priority for the nation's largest and most acclaimed charter network? Keeping its best teachers. When KIPP wanted to learn how to do better, its leaders took a smart approach: they read our report, and asked a group of exceptional teachers what would help them stay longer.