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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

When Teachers Choose to Teach, Kids Win

Kids win when teachers love where they work, but this fall in New York City, schools with open teaching positions could be forced to hire teachers they didn’t choose.

Dan Weisberg

Helping Teachers Become Leaders

Teachers have lots of great ideas about how to improve their schools—but they’re rarely given a chance to try them. Denver Public Schools is trying to change that.

Erin Mack Trapanese

Sustainable Talent Pipelines Are Not Just Timely, They’re Critical

In the face of shortages in teaching and leadership positions, districts need pipelines of talent that cater to their hiring strategies and the demands of their school communities.

Erin Lynch

Engaged Parents and Communities: The Secret to Defying Expectations in D.C.

After serving as Chancellor of DCPS for five years, Kaya Henderson steps down today. Here, she shares her vision for effective community engagement, and how she hopes DCPS can sustain it.

Kenya Bradshaw

DCPS Takes a Leap Toward More Effective PD

In The Mirage, we challenged school systems to set clear, measurable goals around professional development and determine what works and doesn't work. D.C. Public Schools answered the call.

Dan Weisberg

Shifting School Cultures in Philadelphia

In just two years, a once-struggling high school in Philadelphia made dramatic changes to improve student experiences. We sat down with their president to find out how.

Jim Larson

And the Fishman Prize Goes To…

We could go on at length about why we’re inspired by the winners of the 2016 Fishman Prize, but instead, we’ll leave that to the people who know them best: their school leaders, the parents in their classrooms, and the students they teach.

Developing Leaders to Turn Around Schools and Outcomes in Philadelphia

Introducing PLUS Turnaround, a specialized school leadership track designed to train and enable leaders who can turn some of Philly’s toughest schools into places of learning and love.

Dr. Tamecca L. Chester

Taking The Mirage on Tour

After releasing The Mirage in August, we spent the rest of 2015 presenting our findings and listening to folks who are doing the hard work of helping teachers improve every day. Here’s some of what we've learned along the way.

Dina Hasiotis

In Kentucky, a Collaborative Approach to School Turnaround

In five years, the Kentucky Department of Education has seen an impressive reduction in priority schools. We sat down with a member of their leadership to figure out their secret.

Jim Larson

Putting Students at the Center of School Leadership

A new Assistant Principal—and former instructor—learns a valuable lesson: It's just as important for school leaders to interact with kids as it is for teachers.

Stephanie Carroll

Creating the Conditions for Strong Teacher Development

Achievement First welcomes a close examination of their teacher development bright spots and blind spots in order to continually improve their approach.

Doug McCurry

Solving School Discipline in Pinellas County

One school overcame student behavior issues by helping teachers provide more engaging and challenging instruction.

Emily Appel

Making Great Teaching Sustainable

A California principal shares how she encourages and supports her teachers to balance their determined commitment to students with a commitment to their own well-being.

Courtney Walker

Empowering Principals—In the Right Ways

By granting effective principals the autonomy to put their students’ needs first—within the right framework and accountability conditions—districts can see strong outcomes.

Miriam Sondheimer

Putting Instruction First, Even Now

In Philadelphia, a debate rages on about the future of the city's public schools. But inside one high school, a PhillyPLUS resident reflects on how teachers and students are making the best of what they have.

Ben Lewis

Leading a School Beyond Turnaround

Continuing our series on school turnarounds, we sat down with Lindsa McIntyre, a fifth-year principal who leads the only high school in Massachusetts to have exited turnaround status. Lindsa shares what she’s learned along the way and the challenges of sustaining success beyond the turnaround process.

David Sigler

Closing the Educator Equity Gap

By June, states will submit plans to the USDoE that detail how low-income students and students of color will receive equitable access to great teachers. As the deadline nears, here is what we recommend state leaders keep in mind.

Kevin Zimmer