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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

What Is Your School’s Dress Code Telling Students?

When we tell students they have to "be this" or "look like that" to succeed, we are using our power to minimize and dehumanize young people.

Kenya Bradshaw

Language Isn’t a Barrier—It’s an Opportunity

Serving over 4,500 English language learners, Durham Public Schools knows the vital role families of English language learners play in student success.

Editorial Staff

Let Compassion Lead: Shadow a Student

By spending a day with a student, educators gain new perspectives on many aspects of what kids are dealing with at school—from learning to loneliness to lunch.

sam seidel

Four Things That Make a Successful School

How one school went from an ‘F’ to a ‘C’ by focusing on talent, academics, culture, and community engagement.

Rebecca Cutler and Casey Valenty

A New Recipe for School Design

How one Bridge Fellow is using his Harvard doctorate and experience with Oakland youth to design a school meant to disrupt the school to prison pipeline.

Dr. César A. Cruz

A Formerly Incarcerated Teen Gives Advice to His Younger Self

Andre was 14 years old when he first entered the juvenile justice system. Now, at 18 he’s working on earning his GED and is interested in pursuing a career as a psychotherapist. Hear him tell his story.

Marvin Pierre

A Haven for Kids in the Child Welfare System

The founder of the country’s first school for kids in the child welfare system discusses how she balances social-emotional learning with rigorous academics.

Jim Larson

A Day in the Life of a Teacher Leader

Rhonda Ferguson leads her school’s culture team and teaches a classroom full of pre-K kids, all while participating in DCPS’s intensive teacher development program—here’s how she does it.

April Inez Kaplowitz

When Cultures Clash in the Classroom, Part Two

Sometimes, what’s appropriate behavior at home is disruptive behavior at school. A teacher shares advice on bridging the two worlds.

Veeko Lucas

Mapping the School-to-Prison Pipeline

What changes in our country led to the creation of the school-to-prison pipeline and the high concentrations of underachieving students in impoverished neighborhoods, towns, and cities that we see today?

Kenya Bradshaw

In Pinellas, Making the Shift from “Good Behavior” to Great Instruction

At a Pinellas elementary school, proactive school discipline strategies have drastically reduced infractions and allowed school leaders and teachers to focus on challenging instruction.

Emily Appel

Hiring More Security Officers Won’t Solve Our Problems With School Discipline

A new report finds several of our largest school systems employ more security officers than guidance counselors. What would happen if they reallocated resources toward alternative approaches to school discipline?

Kenya Bradshaw

Fixing School Discipline Falls on Our Shoulders, Not Students’

The onus falls on us adults to find better ways to manage student behavior and create a second home where everyone feels safe and respected.

Emily Gordon

Solving School Discipline in Pinellas County

One school overcame student behavior issues by helping teachers provide more engaging and challenging instruction.

Emily Appel

Putting Instruction First, Even Now

In Philadelphia, a debate rages on about the future of the city's public schools. But inside one high school, a PhillyPLUS resident reflects on how teachers and students are making the best of what they have.

Ben Lewis

In Boston, Wicked Awesome Schools

Boston charter schools outpace their district and charter school peers in terms of student outcomes. In a new paper written in partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund, we explore key school leadership practices we think are contributing to those outstanding results.

Melissa Wu

Tackling School Turnarounds

At TNTP, we are beginning to dig deeper into the turnaround challenge and partner with districts to support more sustainable change in the schools that need it most.

Rasheed Meadows