Start Strong With TNTP: Tap Into Summer Professional Learning for 2023-24 Success

Does this sound familiar?

Your school or district has been working hard all year long to help students catch up from pandemic learning losses and related setbacks. Maybe you have some strong elements in place, like tutoring programs and other extra services, but there’s not a lot of alignment across academic programs. Students are focusing on one set of skills in the classroom but completely different concepts in tutoring, and despite more instructional time and resources, too many are still falling behind.

While there’s no silver bullet for accelerating student learning, TNTP’s partnership with hundreds of school systems coast-to-coast has helped us identify the elements that matter most: a clear vision, high-quality curriculum, authentic community engagement, equity-centered practices, great teachers, and strong leadership.

Through Start Strong, this summer we’re offering a curated collection of professional learning opportunities, trainings, and coaching designed to help you make the 2023-24 school year exceptional for every student. We can help you start strong with ready-to-go, short, and high-impact trainings squarely focused on the elements that can set your students and teachers up for success year-round:

  • Planning for Instructional Coherence: This course will help you and your team generate a guiding vision and actionable plan within your locus of control. You’ll be able to ensure each component of your academic program centers the student experience and works in concert to support student learning and engagement.
  • Diagnosing the Coherence of Your Academic Program: This tool will help you and your team identify the next steps needed to develop a more coherent academic program using TNTP’s six levers of learning acceleration.
  • Leading Student-centered Strategic Planning: Learn how to facilitate an inclusive, student-centered strategic planning process grounded in community voice that results in a unified school vision, and articulates priorities, goals, and initiatives for improving learning experiences for all students.
  • Science of Reading: Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap: This course is designed to equip elementary or secondary teachers to make meaningful shifts in high-quality literacy instruction by deeply understanding and knowing how to apply the latest research, tools and practices in the classroom.
  • Developing Teacher Practice from Good to Great: Our Good to Great program enables teachers to make powerful shifts in math or literacy instruction through a targeted professional development opportunity that explores student-owned learning—a perfect opportunity for veteran teachers and/or instructional coaches to refresh skills and be re-inspired by what students can achieve.
  • Bringing Empathic Instruction to the Classroom (online): Support teachers to respond empathically—rather than punitively—to student misbehavior. It incorporates the latest psychological research to support teachers’ growth, Empathic Instruction helps school systems reduce their suspension rates overall and lower disparities in suspension rates.
  • New Teacher Onboarding: This highly customized support will help you onboard teachers effectively, giving them the knowledge needed for a strong start on day one.
  • Developing a Student-centered Talent Strategy: Designed to help you and your team understand the connection between academic and talent strategies and leverage those strategies to ensure high-quality learning experiences for students.
  • Using a Flexible and Effective Workforce: This course provides direct support to districts and schools on how to best recruit teachers prior to the first day of school and reimagine utilizing the existing workforce.

This summer offers the time and space to focus on the areas your school or system needs to grow. Learn more about TNTP’s Start Strong professional learning opportunities by clicking the link below.

Start Strong With TNTP

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, stands in front of her students while introducing them to the captivating world of science

Imali Ariyarathne, seventh-grade teacher at Langston Hughes Academy, introduces her students to the captivating world of science.

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