Delivering Measurable Impact for Young People

We turn insights into action. 

Over the past two decades, TNTP has delivered meaningful results for millions of young people and the educators who support them through research-based publications, highly personalized academic and talent consulting, and an ambitious policy agenda. Our impact is far-reaching and yet we recognize we are just scratching the surface of what we believe is possible.  

Delivering Measurable Impact for Young People
Rose in a third-grade science class at J.M. Ullom Elementary in Las Vegas. The school is a teaching site for members of the Nevada Teacher Corps.
The Opportunity Myth publication cover.

The Opportunity Myth Report

Shifting Paradigms Through Research and Insights  

We shape the national conversation about PK–12 education with our publications, which dive beneath the surface of research data to reveal critical insights that fuel innovation and change. 

Our report The Opportunity Myth has been recognized as essential reading for understanding how opportunity gaps play out in students’ experiences. 

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Turning Insights into Action for School Communities 

We partner with schools and systems to design and deliver innovative solutions to confront education’s most vexing problems.  

Our approach to impact consulting integrates academic excellence, teacher recruitment and support, and community participation to ensure all young people succeed. In partnership with districts and states across the country, TNTP helped educators bring the insights from The Opportunity Myth to life for their students. 

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6M +

more students received stronger instruction

4.5M +

more students engaged with grade-appropriate assignments


more students had teachers and leaders who held them to high academic standards 


students have improved outcomes, as measured by state assessments and student feedback. 

Today, we work side by side with educators, system leaders, and communities across 39 states and more than 6,000 districts nationwide to provide academic, talent, and community engagement. 

A group of teachers in training sit on raised seating in an auditorium.

A session for the Baltimore City Teaching Residency, held at the Academy for Career and College Exploration in Baltimore.

Influencing Large-Scale Policy Changes

We bring together research and advocacy to create the policy conditions that lead to student success. We also unite with a broad set of stakeholders to multiply our impact and move the ball forward on education’s most pressing issues 

Achieving an educator workforce that reflects the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our country requires policy and practice changes at every level. That is why TNTP launched the One Million Teachers of Color (1MToC) Campaign alongside the Center for Black Educator Development, The Education Trust, The Hunt Institute, Latinos for Education, Men of Color in Educational Leadership, New Leaders, and Teach Plus. Our collective goal is to add 1 million teachers of color and 30,000 leaders of color to the education workforce by 2030. 

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A teacher works at a laptop.

Sami Seidel concentrates during a professional development session at Academy for College and Career Exploration.

Designing the Future of PK–12 Education

Over the next decade, we will strengthen and expand our cross-sector work to rethink interconnected systems and improve young people’s lives beyond the four walls of the classroom.  

We will broaden our impact measurements to track the key PK–12 experiences and indicators shown to lead to long-term economic and social mobility. We will work relentlessly to make sure all students have an academic foundation, social capital, and career awareness and readiness 

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