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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
Case Study

New Orleans: Rewarding Talented Teachers


ReNEW Schools

Project Dates

2014 – 2015


New Orleans, Louisiana

Area of Work

Compensation, Retention

ReNEW Schools, a network of charter schools in New Orleans, needs great teachers to prepare students in the city’s lowest performing schools for college and beyond. But top teachers are in high demand, and ReNEW needed a better way to stand out among the competition.

In fall 2014, ReNEW partnered with TNTP to design a sustainable teacher compensation system that creates a pathway for teachers to advance their careers and earn more money. The system allows teachers who demonstrate increasing effectiveness in the classroom to move through a series of teaching levels, from Associate to Master, with new opportunities and pay increases at each level. Top teachers have the opportunity to earn nearly $30,000 more in base salary in their first five years of teaching, and nearly $100,000 more in their first 10 years.

Sustainability was a key part of the design: we helped ReNEW project the costs of the model for the next 15 years and trained their staff on how to use the model each year to determine salaries. They are now ready to roll out a new compensation system in the 2015-16 school year—one that will help them attract and retain great teachers for years to come.


Amanda Kocon

Chief Strategy Officer

Mary Jones

Project Director

Steven LaFemina

Project Director

Trevor Bynoe