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Using Student Growth Measures

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Start each school year by setting rigorous goals.

School leaders set student outcome goals and priorities for the year.

Teachers collaborate in subject and/or grade-level teams to identify classroom-level student outcome goals, aligning with school-level priorities when appropriate.

Assess progress towards teacher-level and school-level target goals after each interim assessment.

Prioritize data-driven instruction in your school’s schedule.

Train your teachers to plan backwards from state standards and rigorous assessments.

Schedule your year with interim assessments every 6-8 weeks (4-6 over the course of the year).

Schedule time immediately after interim assessments for teachers to collaboratively plan their re-teaching strategies.

Support data-driven instruction with training and relevant resources.

Ensure that teachers receive high-quality interim assessment data immediately (within 48 hours) of test administration.

Train teachers to analyze interim assessment results.

Develop/identify teacher-leaders who can mentor and guide the data analysis process.

Provide teachers with high-quality tools to drill down into the data more deeply.

Assess your school’s implementation of data-driven instruction.