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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

What a Fourth Grader Taught Me About Supporting ELL Students Like Her

“Even as a bilingual educator from a family of immigrants, I made a lot of assumptions in my effort to support my ELL students.”

Cristina Marks

Who Are the Next Bold Leaders in Education?

We’re looking for bold activists, innovative entrepreneurs, creative problem-solvers: anyone with big ideas for helping students of color thrive in school—and in life.

Rasheed Meadows

Equity in Schools, One Student at a Time

Personalized learning has the power to make each student equally important.

Dan Weisberg

Reflecting on TNTP’s 20th Anniversary

As we close out our 20th year, we wanted to share a few reflections from some of the TNTP staff members who bring the passion, heart and smarts to our mission.

Can Rural Kids Live the American Dream, Too?

Our Executive Vice President discusses how her rural upbringing taught her the importance of schools as community hubs, and the many ways in which that influences her rural work at TNTP.

Tequilla Brownie

Is Teaching Undervalued Because It’s “Women’s Work”?

We can’t afford to ignore education’s entrenched sexism any longer—women’s capabilities are undervalued, and the highest-paid positions are disproportionally held by men.

Amanda Kocon

On the Road to Better Teacher Training

An external research organization took a close look at our Teaching Fellows programs and assessed our Fellows’ effectiveness against other new teachers from different kinds of training programs. This week, they released their final report on that study.

Erin Grogan

How Can States Support Better Teacher Prep? Start with Better Data.

With the right information, school systems can place more great teachers in the classrooms where they can make the biggest difference. Here’s how six states are using smarter data systems to strengthen their workforce.

Katie Diggins

Helping School Districts Create New Teacher Pathways

This year we set out to partner with districts to improve or create sustainable alternative teacher certification programs—so eventually they won’t need our help at all.

Ian Scott

When Cultures Clash in the Classroom, Part Two

Sometimes, what’s appropriate behavior at home is disruptive behavior at school. A teacher shares advice on bridging the two worlds.

Veeko Lucas

For Military Brats, the Common Core Is a No-Brainer

A former military brat discusses how the Common Core could have prevented her from falling behind in school, and urges states to resist pressure to back off from the standards.

Joanna Dasher

The Revolutionary Act of Pronunciation

Learning a child’s name enables a teacher to see that individual student, hear their voice, and understand them as a person who deserves the immense power of connecting to their history and identity.

Leticia Hernández-Linares

Making Work Work For You

Our virtual work environment means staff have the flexibility to choose where they work and how to structure their day. But what does that look like in practice?

Speaking Out About Real Educational Inequality Transcends “Left” and “Right”

It's true we can’t succeed as a reform community without political diversity, but speaking out against real inequity in education and society shouldn't be considered part of an ideological agenda.

Dan Weisberg

What I Learned as a First-Generation College Student

It isn’t enough to get low-income and first-generation students into college and then pat ourselves on the back. They need adequate support and resources in order to reach their full potential.

Tequilla Brownie

I’m Sorry, Terrance: Ending the Silence for My LGBTQ Students

It's time to consider how to better support all educators to address the unique and urgent needs of LGBTQ students in our schools.

Joe Baker

As a Muslim Mom Choosing Schools, Academics Aren’t My Top Concern

For one Muslim-American mom, searching for schools means worrying less about coursework and more about finding a space where her son—and his religion—will be accepted, not attacked.

Sara Bokhari

How Do Education Pros Pick Schools for Their Kids?

If you work in education, it's easy to talk about schools in absolutes and focus on qualities that can be compared. Deciding where your own kid spends half their waking hours? Not so easy.

Sam Firke