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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

What Do Families Want Most From Schools?

A parent voice organization leader discusses what families want for their children, what they expect from their schools, and how educators can be better partners.

Editorial Staff

A Mother and Son Discuss Their Hopes and Fears About College

A high school junior talks with his mother about what schools can do better to prepare kids for college. “Families shouldn’t have to wait until senior year to be faced with the reality that their kids aren't ready for college.”

Paul Hee

How Can My Kids Be Honor Roll Students and Still Not Read at Grade Level?

"I feel like the school is taking advantage of me by making me believe my kids are learning, but the state evaluations show otherwise.”

Esmeralda Fabián Romero

A Parent’s Bill of Rights

As a parent, you have more rights than you might think when it comes to your child’s education. Here’s what you should expect from your child’s school and district.

Editorial Staff

Theresa’s Story

Theresa at two and a half was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. She was nonverbal. Now at six and a half, you can hold a regular conversation with her, and the school district considers her on par with her peers.

Editorial Staff

3 Ways Teachers Can Support Special Ed Parents, Like Me

This special ed mom sold her home, quit her job, and hired a lawyer—all to get her son the education he deserved. She believes no parent should have to go through what she did, and has advice for teachers who want to help.

Lia Martin

As a Muslim Mom Choosing Schools, Academics Aren’t My Top Concern

For one Muslim-American mom, searching for schools means worrying less about coursework and more about finding a space where her son—and his religion—will be accepted, not attacked.

Sara Bokhari

How Do Education Pros Pick Schools for Their Kids?

If you work in education, it's easy to talk about schools in absolutes and focus on qualities that can be compared. Deciding where your own kid spends half their waking hours? Not so easy.

Sam Firke

Parent-to-Parent: How Are Our Kids Learning to Read?

What should parents look for in their child’s classroom in order to ensure they’re getting the very best instruction? One parent has a few suggestions.

Torrey Palmer

What Do Parents Think About the Common Core?

When parents hear the words “Common Core,” they should have a clear understanding of what their child’s learning experience entails. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

Laura Strait

A Teacher Changed My Son’s Life

Gina Tovar's son is a former student of Fishman Prize winner Steve Sanders — a teacher Ms. Tovar said "inspired my son tremendously." In her own words, Ms. Tovar reflects on how Mr. Sanders accomplished this, and what his presence in school meant to her son and his classmates.

Andrew Boryga