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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching

How Can My Kids Be Honor Roll Students and Still Not Read at Grade Level?

"I feel like the school is taking advantage of me by making me believe my kids are learning, but the state evaluations show otherwise.”

Esmeralda Fabián Romero

Higher Literacy Standards Help Students Succeed in School—and in Life

Too often, discussions of academic standards gloss over the importance of core academic skills and the knowledge necessary to navigate the literacy challenges of everyday life

Ben Jackson

Our Broken Promise to High School Graduates

Unfortunately, there are millions of kids who get through high school, only to find themselves ill-prepared for college-level work.

Dan Weisberg

Teaching Kids to Make History

Today we revisit one of our Room to Run classrooms as they learn our country’s history of working together for social progress—and the relevance of that history today.

Editorial Staff

Four Things That Make a Successful School

How one school went from an ‘F’ to a ‘C’ by focusing on talent, academics, culture, and community engagement.

Rebecca Cutler and Casey Valenty

Theresa’s Story

Theresa at two and a half was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. She was nonverbal. Now at six and a half, you can hold a regular conversation with her, and the school district considers her on par with her peers.

Editorial Staff

Why Education Always Hits the Snooze Button on its A.I. Awakening

Skepticism is healthy, but resisting innovation in education won’t help us create a public-school system that sets up all students for success.

Dan Weisberg

For Military Brats, the Common Core Is a No-Brainer

A former military brat discusses how the Common Core could have prevented her from falling behind in school, and urges states to resist pressure to back off from the standards.

Joanna Dasher

How Has New Mexico’s Commitment to Change Helped Students?

New Mexico Secretary of Education, Hanna Skandera shares how the state shifted from a culture of low expectations to believing in the success of every student.

Ellen Hur

Old Content Won’t Work for the New Generation of Students

If we truly want to reach students today, it's important that we continue to look for new ways to make learning accessible, fun, and engaging.

Caitlin Meehan-Draper

Higher Standards Create a Sense of Possibility, Not “Failure”

Critics argue higher academic standards have failed, but what do the teachers and students who have experienced the standards have to say?

Chris Hayes

What’s Possible When Kids Are Challenged in School? Ask the Kids.

Meet students from five classrooms who show what’s possible when kids get the challenging schoolwork they deserve.

Dan Weisberg

Coming Soon…Students Speak Up on Challenging Schoolwork

Here's a sneak peek at TNTP's upcoming multimedia feature, Room to Run, which will take you inside five classrooms where students have access to challenging, inspiring schoolwork.

Kate McGovern

Students Independently Read, Watch, and Click to Become “Experts”

An innovative strategy to help teachers give students the opportunity to lead their own learning on topics that intrigue them.

Kaycee Eckhardt

These High Schoolers Learn History to Make History

In Newark, New Jersey, high school students learn the basics of being historians, successful college students, and thoughtful, productive adults.

Kate McGovern

Dispatches from Great Classrooms: Reno, Nevada

In Chris Hayes' history classroom, second-graders having complex conversations about American history isn't "cute." It's just a normal part of the school day.

Kate McGovern

To Learn to Read, Kids Need Content Knowledge

Building literacy skills through content knowledge—reading, writing, and speaking while learning about particular topics—isn’t the norm in most classrooms. A new campaign aims to change that.

Dispatches from Great Classrooms: Boston, Massachusetts

In one Boston classroom, a combination of language supports, visuals, and hands-on experiments makes science exciting and accessible for English language learners.

Kate McGovern