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The Problem with Gutting ESSA Regulations

States are often the right place for education decisions to be made, but ESSA regulations provide essential accountability for schools and protections for students.

Berrick Abramson

A Roadmap for State Accountability Systems

To help states revising school accountability systems to bring them in line with ESSA, we’re releasing a new whitepaper with guiding principles for both the process and substance of building accountability systems.

Berrick Abramson

How Can States Help Teachers Improve?

State leaders and policymakers play a critical role in driving innovative teacher development strategies and creating the conditions for teachers to grow.

Berrick Abramson

States Are Part of the Teacher Pay Problem

Teacher pay is determined at the district level, but states contribute to the problem, too—whether by enshrining lockstep pay in laws and regulations or just staying silent on the matter. Here are three steps state leaders can take to help districts build smarter compensation systems that truly pay great teachers what they're worth.

Berrick Abramson

Paperwork Does Not a Teacher Make

To earn or renew a teaching license, teachers waste time on paperwork that ignores what’s most important: their performance in the classroom. States should shift the focus away from unproductive requirements to attract and support effective teachers.

Berrick Abramson

The 2014 State Policy To-Do List

Education policy at the state level has moved out of the past, but there's still more to be done for the future. From transforming teacher preparation to giving the boot to LIFO, here are four top priorities for state policymakers in 2014.

Berrick Abramson

The Right (and Left) Place for Action

Looking for bipartisan policy wins? Then look no further than the country's state houses, where Republicans and Democrats are finding plenty of common ground on education. Legislators outside the beltway are adopting bold reforms.

Berrick Abramson

Meet Javier Velazquez

The art, craft and profession of teaching according to Javier Velazquez, a 2013 Fishman Prize winner and incredibly effective math teacher working in the turnaround schools of Chicago, his hometown.

Berrick Abramson