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Why Buffalo is “All In” for Upending the Opportunity Myth

In The Opportunity Myth, TNTP partnered with five anonymous school systems across the country to understand how students were experiencing the school day. In a candid interview, Buffalo Public Schools publicly names that they are one of those school systems.

Tequilla Brownie

Can Rural Kids Live the American Dream, Too?

Our Executive Vice President discusses how her rural upbringing taught her the importance of schools as community hubs, and the many ways in which that influences her rural work at TNTP.

Tequilla Brownie

What I Learned as a First-Generation College Student

It isn’t enough to get low-income and first-generation students into college and then pat ourselves on the back. They need adequate support and resources in order to reach their full potential.

Tequilla Brownie

A Helpful Nudge on Teacher Evaluation

To argue evaluation reform is too complex and district specific for federal intervention is to misrepresent the feds' role in education reform. Through history, the Education Department has served as a national conscience on educational equity. Of late, they’ve challenged states to do better. That’s leadership we need.

Tequilla Brownie

Improving Teacher Evaluation in 2015

With the start of a new year comes new questions about the success—or failure—of evaluation reform to live up to its promise. While evaluation has come a long way, the vast majority of teachers still aren't getting the actionable feedback they deserve. Here are four big strategies for improving evaluation implementation in 2015.

Tequilla Brownie

Building a More Diverse Reform Movement

Top leaders in education rocked a crowd at last week’s NewSchools Venture Fund Summit with a panel conversation about race and education reform. They challenged audience members to move beyond words and take action to include more diverse voices.

Tequilla Brownie

Tennessee Teachers Speak Up

People tend to declare imminent disaster when new evaluation systems arrive. But don't jump to conclusions - in Tennessee, where ambitious reforms have moved especially quickly, teachers are saying that things are working well.

Tequilla Brownie