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DCPS Takes a Leap Toward More Effective PD

In The Mirage, we challenged school systems to set clear, measurable goals around professional development and determine what works and doesn't work. D.C. Public Schools answered the call.

Dan Weisberg

Molding Young Kings in Oakland

A unique branch of the Oakland Unified School District focuses on empowering young African American men, steering them away from the criminal justice system, and driving results in the classroom.

Allison Aliaga

Old Content Won’t Work for the New Generation of Students

If we truly want to reach students today, it's important that we continue to look for new ways to make learning accessible, fun, and engaging.

Caitlin Meehan-Draper

Higher Standards Create a Sense of Possibility, Not “Failure”

Critics argue higher academic standards have failed, but what do the teachers and students who have experienced the standards have to say?

Chris Hayes

What’s Possible When Kids Are Challenged in School? Ask the Kids.

Meet students from five classrooms who show what’s possible when kids get the challenging schoolwork they deserve.

Dan Weisberg

His Dream is to “Empower Homies”—Not Demonize Them

2016 Bridge Fellow César A. Cruz envisions an alternative model of education for young people who too often are thought of as less than.

Editorial Staff

On Teacher Prep, the Data Speaks Volumes—If We Let It

There aren't any straightforward answers for how to prepare new teachers for one of the hardest jobs on the planet. But it’s possible to do better—and part of that is measuring how well training approaches translate into outcomes for kids.

Dottie Smith

How I am Learning to Practice What I Preach

It's hard for experienced teachers to challenge themselves to learn more and continue improving their instruction, but doing so benefits both students and teachers.

David Gesualdi