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Developing Leaders to Turn Around Schools and Outcomes in Philadelphia

Introducing PLUS Turnaround, a specialized school leadership track designed to train and enable leaders who can turn some of Philly’s toughest schools into places of learning and love.

Dr. Tamecca L. Chester

Hiring More Security Officers Won’t Solve Our Problems With School Discipline

A new report finds several of our largest school systems employ more security officers than guidance counselors. What would happen if they reallocated resources toward alternative approaches to school discipline?

Kenya Bradshaw

The Absurd Logic Behind a Vergara Ruling That Tells Parents They Have No Recourse

Reversing Vergara v. California is a sign that the justice system acknowledges California’s tenure laws rob students of the education they deserve, but doesn't feel obligated to fix the problem.

Dan Weisberg

As a Muslim Mom Choosing Schools, Academics Aren’t My Top Concern

For one Muslim-American mom, searching for schools means worrying less about coursework and more about finding a space where her son—and his religion—will be accepted, not attacked.

Sara Bokhari

These High Schoolers Learn History to Make History

In Newark, New Jersey, high school students learn the basics of being historians, successful college students, and thoughtful, productive adults.

Kate McGovern

Who Are the Fishman Prize Finalists?

After reviewing nearly 800 applications from almost every state across the country, meet the 10 extraordinary teachers we've chosen as Fishman Prize finalists.

Tiffany Cardona

Community Engagement as Relationship Building

A community organizer, writer, and actor uses his advocacy background to help schools and districts rethink their approach to building relationships with students, families, and communities.

Kenya Bradshaw

Is Georgia Cutting Tests for the Right Reasons?

According to one academic strategist, Georgia's proposal to cut tests without assessing which are useful and which aren't is equivalent to testing students for the sake of testing them.

Shanequa Yates