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Has Teacher Evaluation Ruined Everything? Studies Say: No

Although many parents and teachers don’t think new evaluation systems have worked, the evidence coming from schools using them tells a very different story.

Andy Jacob

Parent-to-Parent: How Are Our Kids Learning to Read?

What should parents look for in their child’s classroom in order to ensure they’re getting the very best instruction? One parent has a few suggestions.

Torrey Palmer

Helping Students Confront Obstacles Beyond Academics

At one middle school, a long-term support staff helps students who graduate and confront obstacles in high school and college that challenging instruction can't prepare them for.

Yinnette Sano

When We Label Some Children ‘Gifted,’ What Does That Say to the Others?

When we label some students “gifted,” and give them access to better instruction as a result, it's not hard for “un-gifted” students to get the message: You don't deserve the best teaching.

Andrew Boryga

Getting Older—and Wiser—in Education Reform

After attending TFA's 25th anniversary summit, TNTP's President considers how far the education reform movement has come—and all the work that still remains.

Karolyn Belcher

Got Bold Ideas? Introducing TNTP’s Bridge Fellowship

Applications are now open for TNTP’s Bridge Fellowship: a new 12-month residency that seeks to harness the best ideas from inside and outside the education sector.

Dan Weisberg

In Class, Bored to Underachievement

Students who are busy with engaging content and discussions don't have time to goof off. We are responsible to create learning experiences that will stimulate the minds of those that do.

Veeko Lucas