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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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Putting Students at the Center of School Leadership

A new Assistant Principal—and former instructor—learns a valuable lesson: It's just as important for school leaders to interact with kids as it is for teachers.

Stephanie Carroll

The Student Who Taught Me How to Teach

One Fishman Prize winner learned an invaluable lesson from one of her first students: if you dig a little, you'll find that every student has something extraordinary inside of them.

Stephanie Sun

Tulsa Public Schools: The Rocky Balboa of Teacher Hiring

This year, Tulsa Public Schools managed to double applications for teaching positions and open the school year 100 percent staffed. How did they do it?

Grace Tan

Creating the Conditions for Strong Teacher Development

Achievement First welcomes a close examination of their teacher development bright spots and blind spots in order to continually improve their approach.

Doug McCurry

Fixing School Discipline Falls on Our Shoulders, Not Students’

The onus falls on us adults to find better ways to manage student behavior and create a second home where everyone feels safe and respected.

Emily Gordon

Our Broken Promise to High School Graduates

Unfortunately, there are millions of kids who get through high school, only to find themselves ill-prepared for college-level work.

Dan Weisberg