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Why Apply for the Fishman Prize?

Applications for the Fishman Prize are open. But instead of telling you why you should apply, we thought we’d let our past winners do the talking.

A Two Percent Cap on Testing Misses the Point

If we’re serious about fixing testing, we can’t start by focusing on a particular quota for how much time we’re allowed to spend on it.

Kelly Zunkiewicz

Case Closed: Why Vergara Must be Upheld in California

Two school districts have already proven it is possible to balance giving kids the education they deserve and teachers the job security they need.

Jessica Conlon

This is a Test, This is Only a Test (Of Teacher Prep)

There's very little true innovation in teacher preparation. It's time to test radically different approaches to see if any of these yield better results for new teachers—and the students they teach.

Jennifer Mulhern

Join the Teacher Development Discussion

How can we get better at preparing new teachers for the classroom and setting them up for long-term growth and success?

Liesl Groberg

What Chinese Takeout Taught Me about Text Selection

Text selection and instruction—like a pair of chopsticks—don’t really work well without the other.

Kaycee Eckhardt

Come On, Teachers: Let’s Own Our Development

One Fishman Prize alumni challenges teachers to figure out their weaknesses and own their development in order to improve upon them.

Steven Sanders

Giving Students Academic Ownership

Encouraging academic ownership in the classroom helped one Fishman Prize finalist give students a sense of responsibility over their writing.

Jennifer Stocklin

Thanks, Arne

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will step down in December, but his courage to put kids’ futures over politics will not be forgotten.

Dan Weisberg