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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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A New TNTP, with a Website to Match

We embrace change at TNTP. That’s why we needed a new website that would better capture the new ways we’re working and the challenges we’re grappling with.

Liz Vidyarthi

Defining Success After Katrina

The progress made in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina should be celebrated. But as we define success there, we should be diligent to value the community's perspective.

Whitney Henderson

What’s Really Causing Teacher Shortages?

Are we facing a teacher shortage crisis? It’s a question that’s dominated education news lately. But what’s missing from the conversation, is a serious attempt to get to the root of the problem.

Lesley Guggenheim

Change That’s Built to Last

A former Chief Academic Officer in Houston shares his thoughts on how to build sustainable change in large districts.

Jessica Wilbanks

Meet a Fishman Winner: Zeke Phillips

Zeke Phillips is a classroom craftsman whose drive for continual improvement shines through the success of his students in Boston.

Getting Real About Teacher Development

The Mirage doesn't reveal a clean, direct solution for improving teacher development—it raises fundamental questions that need to be answered. How will we respond?

Dottie Smith

The Five Stages of The Mirage

Many will react strongly to The Mirage—and not all of those reactions will be positive. For us at TNTP, the findings have been sobering, but we're still focused on improving.

Karolyn Belcher

Do We Know How to Help Teachers Get Better?

Great teaching is real, but we are much further from achieving it at scale through professional development than we once believed.

Dan Weisberg