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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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The Conventional Wisdom on Teacher Development

Some beliefs about teacher development are so broadly held and uncontroversial that they rise to the level of conventional wisdom. But how do they hold up under scrutiny?

Tim Daly

Every Parent Deserves School Choice

It’s time we identify creative ways to deal with school choice and ensure that every family—not just a lucky few—has quality school options for their children.

Crystal Harmon

Taking a Pulse on Common Core

Higher standards for students is a critical first step, but supporting teachers to alter their instructional practice is even more essential.

Jessica Box

Our Hearts Are With Charleston

We are sick with anger and sadness over the news of the tragic mass shooting in Charleston, SC. Houses of worship, like schools, should be places where communities can gather in peace and safety.

Dan Weisberg

TNTP Core Teaching Rubric Turns One

A full year after releasing the TNTP Core Teaching Rubric, we present an updated version with additions based on feedback from users and our own new ideas.

Dottie Smith

Shifting the Lens from Teacher to Student

When first-year teachers build deep content knowledge, they are better equipped to create aligned lessons, respond effectively to student work and lead their classrooms.

Molly Auger

Building Culturally Inclusive Classrooms

It’s essential for educators to understand their students’ life experiences, and be mindful of how easy it is to contribute to institutions of racism and power.

Sara Bokhari

Surprising “Ms. Sunshine”

Great teachers shouldn’t have to rely solely on their own intrinsic motivation to keep them going day in and day out. They ought to have a big deal made over them.

Dan Weisberg

The Arts Are Not Just for Fun

A Fishman Prize alum believes arts education merits high expectations, rigorous curricula and, yes, standards.

Steven Sanders