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The Fishman Winners Are Here

Today, we’re honored to introduce four phenomenal educators chosen as recipients of the Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. Learn more about them through the eyes of their principals and school leaders.

Making Great Teaching Sustainable

A California principal shares how she encourages and supports her teachers to balance their determined commitment to students with a commitment to their own well-being.

Courtney Walker

School + Social Services = Success for Kids?

Community schools have the potential to serve students and families well both inside and outside of the classroom. And they might just be something those on all sides of the education reform debate can agree on.

Dan Weisberg

A Front-Row Seat to History

Debate day looms large on the calendar for the students of Fishman Prize winner Laura Strait in Oakland, California. Last year, we read about the big event in Languages for Learning. This year, we sent an eye-witness.

Chris Arnold

A Baltimore Teacher Speaks Up

In the midst of Baltimore’s unrest, a teacher reflects on how Freddie Gray’s death—and the subsequent protests and media attention—has affected her students.

Emily Ann Hansen

Empowering Principals—In the Right Ways

By granting effective principals the autonomy to put their students’ needs first—within the right framework and accountability conditions—districts can see strong outcomes.

Miriam Sondheimer

Introducing the Educator Editorial Board

We wanted to get current teachers’ perspectives on our publications, so we asked. Today we’re introducing the TNTP Educator Editorial Board: six Fishman Prize alumni who will serve as guest voices and help us better engage teachers in the work we do.

Keeping Great Teachers, With a Personal Touch

Recently, we learned of DCPS' practice of sending personal emails to highly effective teachers in order to acknowledge their efforts. That seemed like an ingenious—and shockingly simple—way to encourage great teachers to stay, so we wanted to know more.

Kate McGovern